Sitemap - 2011 - Overcoming Bias

Me-Now Immortality

Low Status Workers Are NOT More “Exploited”

Most Are Consequentialist

Steps Up The Ladder

Why Exempt The Hard To Catch?

Why Work Hour Limits?

Beware Inspiration

Construction Peaks At 60Hr/Wk

Work Hour Skepticism

Excess Loyalty Signals

Overconfidence Explained

Seeking What-Work-Cuts Stories

Desires Surveyed

Why Boom Times Kill

Hurry Or Delay Ems?

Misers Are Too Fair

On School’s Function

Consider Exile

Talk Rules Are Classist

Offended By Bets

Life Is Good

Info Cuts Charity

La Difference

Creativity Clues

DC Area Meetup Sunday

Easy Job Fix?

Literature Research

Gossip Hypocrisy

Suits Show Signal Scope

Over-Regulated Flight

Inspiring Innovation

Em City By Combo Auction

Open Thread

City By Combo Auction

Office By Combo Auction

The Protection Exception

Near Is Warm, Relational

Nostalgia Example

Data On Sarcasm

Japan’s Fat Tax

Atheists Distrusted

Alcohol As Placebo

Can’t Hear Bad News

True School Believers

Every Move You Make

Trillions At War

Second Chances

Galaxy Calc Shows Aliens

Buying Affiliation

Science Fiction Is Far

Forget Salt

Invisible Winks

Political Puzzles

Accepted Inequality

Fear Causes Trust, Blindness

When See Solar?

The Future Of Lies

More Random Hypocrisy

Honesty Via Distraction

Fixing Election Markets

Status Drives Poverty?

Official Optimism

Open Thread

Why Weak Charity Rules?

In Time Economics

Daniel Sarewitz, Me on BHTV

Bad Sound, Bad Sign

Me On Ideas In Action

Smiles Signal

The Puberty Puzzle

Middle Is Near

It’s Called “Stock”

Kurzweil Rejects Ems

US Grows Most ’70-’10

Transferable Citizenship

Impossible Is Real

Limits of Imagination

The Future Of Cities

The End of Possibility

Hidden Trade Barriers

A Theory Of Status

Allen & Greaves On Ems

What Status Ems?

Trends Worth Tracking

Causes Of Corruption

Science Fiction Isn’t About Understanding The Future

Historical Heresy

(Fem) Sex Is Selfish

Municipalize Drug Law

We See Dominance

Parent Vs. Kid Status

‘Never Settle’ Is A Brag

Tyler On Robots

Shulman On Superorgs

Grace-Hanson Podcasts

Advising For Status

Charity And Temptation

Money Matters

Open Thread

Irrelevant Relevance

On Futurism

Aged Wisdom

Do Liars Care More?

Moneyball Slavery

Fertility Fall Myths

We Ban Lies, To Officials

More Inequality, Merited

Adapt Or Start Over?

Nature Ignores Econ

Let Us Give To Future

Beware Mind Drugs

Is Confidence Social?

Info Cuts Confidence

Downturn Cuts Exercise

Are Nations Tribes?

Physics vs. Economics

Hail Temple, Buck

Firms Fight Risk

Forget 9/11

We Live, Unequally

Three Writing Styles

Pronoun Inflation

Is Selfless Evil Far?

Inbred Law Schools

Obstacles Are Far

Predict Yourself

Who Cheats

Counter Indoctrination

Open Thread

Join The DAGGRE Team

Me On FastForward

Religion As Standard

Rah Self-Incrimination

Economists’ Best Advice

Against Terror

Creativity Lip Service

Bashing Billionaires

Learn From A&P

On Fudge Factors

What We Should Study

Concept Inflation

Theory And Fashion

My Stossel Clip

What Is Reasoning For?

How Many Levels?

New Scientist Contest

Hypocrites Have Flings

Emotionally, Men Are Far, Women Near

Indulging In Indirection

Leading Isn’t About Info

Blackmail Enforces Law

The Beauty Bias

Our Gossip Muddle

Defenses of Hypocrisy

The Future Is Further

Why I’m Not Libertarian

Real Policing

Blackmail Is Gossip+

Blackmail History

Charity Blackmail?

More Disagreement Is Far

Subtle Signals

The Poor Are Not Fat

Still Scandalous Heat

Dark Is Far

Are Spirits Dark?

Pigheaded Specialists

Teachers As Dictators

Open Thread

Sleepy Kids Learn Less

Why Men Are Bad At “Feelings”

Expats Like Cryonics

Rah Efficient IP

A Galaxy On Earth

Whence Better Brains?

Me On Good Morning America

Making Up Opinions

Me in New Scientist on Sims

Cynicism Is Near And Far

Group Moral Licensing

Will We Ban Tone Readers?

IP+ Like Barbed Wire?

Tests For Hedgehogs?

The Oregon Health Insurance Experiment

Why Hate Anti-Star Trek?

Regulating Gossip

Why Magic + Nostalgia?

Innovation >50% GDP?

Upload Skepticism

Idealizing Research

Respect Forecast Accuracy

Coworker vs. Class Envy

My Freak On Again

Grace-Hanson Podcasts

School Signal Investing

They’d Take The Million

Beware Morality Porn

Why Non-Profits?

The Great “Charity” Storm

Classic Charities

Hail War And Peace

Debating Yudkowsky

Chalmers Reply #2

Ignoring Small Chances

Open Thread

Me on Freakonomics

Words Show Lies

Priceless Fertility

Who Is Consistent?

Cheated-On Personalities

NYC Meetup Tuesday 7p

New Is Not Better

Selection Is Slow

Live Long Or Wide?

Only Do Math Homework

Sleeping Beauty’s Assistant

Stross on Singularity

Regulating Cool

The Betterness Explosion

Travel Made Humans

Revised Growth Claim

Raid The Rich

I’m A Sim, Or You Aren’t

Wolfers Gets Loopy

Space vs. Time Genocide

In Favor Of Flogging

More Natural Hypocrisy

Women Enforce Norms

Left vs. Right Dictators

OB, Now With Votes

Rich Happy Individualists

Paying To Harass?

Dreamtime Finance

Congress Sells Secrets?

Bad Boss Advice

Who Watches Watchers?

The Rich Have More Kids

Who Wants Accuracy?

Seeking Alien Trash

Space vs. Time Allies

Is Time Us, Space Them?

First Cryonics Hour

Promises Signal

Beware Big Bad Novelties

Punish Sleep-Rape

Subtext Beats Text

Let Brits Do US Med Eval

Open Thread

Industry At Home

Beware Men With Sticks

Letting Leaders Off

Blocked State Innovation

Status And Glory

The Poor Don’t Revolt

No Generic City Effect

School Death Puzzle

Jobs Kill, BIG Time

5 Million Visits

Death Cause Correlates

Skip Cancer Screens

Beware Cancer Med

How US States Vary

Life Is Scarce

Who Beats What

Don’t “Believe”

Skill Awareness Biases

On Clark And Caplan

Neglected Conflicts

Who Killed Autopsies?

Conscription Is Slavery

Two Recent Talks

The Mysterious Desert

The People’s Romance

Regulatory Bias

The Hypocrisy Curtain

Strange Salt

Some Good News

Medical Wealth Effects

Big Firms Block Gains

Philosophy of Hypocrisy

Ems Freshly Trained?

Super-Watch Dilemna

Min Em Wage Enslaves?

Open Thread

Consider Conspiracies

What Is Em “Death”?

Are Workaholics Human?

What Is “Quality”?

Natural Hypocrisy

Reply To Karl Smith

My CQ Researcher OpEd

Join The Party Party?

One Pill To Break Us All

Unhappy Is OK

I Talk Wed. At Harvard

The SETI Game

Blame Victims For Lies

What Do I Want To Know?

Kling On School

What Aren’t They Thinking?

Rah Arrogance

On Berserkers

Avoiding Death Is Far

Two-Faced Brains

Act Young To Live Long

Trust Govt More?

Evading Sharing Rules

Statusful Regulation

Why Wake Teens Early?

More On Kid Work

News You Can Use

More Bits

Fear Water

Child Labor Hypocrisy

Longevity Film Trailer

BHTV with Brian Christian

Earth Is Not Random

Open Thread

Play Talk Still Tells

Why Track Trends?

Hail Aggressive Drivers

Boston Talk Monday

Recipe: Men Exploit Fems

War Is Bad

Missing Coordination

What The Eyes Say

Solar Savior

Are Dictators The Future?

Against IRBs

Responsibility Is Near

Seek Criticism

Choose: Help Or Show Concern

Academic Sycophants

Farmers Commit

Music Signals Status

My Surprises

An Innovation Lesson

Modular Innovation

Are Gardens Fertile?

I Hurt Her So You Pay

Self-Indulgence Stinks

Alien Life Info, But Not Status, Found

Econ of AI on BHTV

The Unskilled Are Aware

Why Laugh At Nerds

Skyscraper Scale Econ

Open Thread

Beware Local Smoothing

Hail Winter’s Bone

Easterly On Swimsuits

Against DIY Academics

Hail Julie Henderson

Elite College Fems Earn Less

Fat Is Low Status

Teaching Science Process

Status Isn’t About Features

Our Worthy Overlords

Me On Stossel

Art Is Power

Manners Show Status

CMU Talk Tuesday

The Big Failure

Beware Knives

Forbidden Fertility

What Virtue Privacy?

Privilege Marks Status

How Med Harms

Fear As Scapegoat

Aliens Not So Strange

Strictness Aids Hypocrisy

Why No Job Paternalism?

Open Border Cost

Why Tax The Rich?

Indirect Charity

Open Thread

Can Kids Consent?

No DVR Ad Effect

Non-Evil Firms

Is Culture Far?

Kids Too Specialized?

Best Decade Ever

How Good Are Laughs?

Nutrition Labels

Be A Charity Angel

Passion Vs. Doubt

The Accidental Hypocrite

Dumb Farmers

Voting Is A Far Fest

Define By Consequences

Beware “Consensus”?

Signal Mappers Decouple

Academics As Warriors

Against Voter Foresight

The Future Is Bright

What Is “Belief”?

Why Not Censor?

Unequal Folks Save

Bad News: Kant & Bets

True Em Grit

How To Doubt

Lift Up Your Eyes

Roberts On Robots

Beware Fruits, Veggies?

Open Thread