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Death Is Very Sad

Beware Gods Out There

Reasons To Reject

Why don’t futurists try harder to stay alive?

Future Filter Fatalism

Silly Mayans

Today Is Filter Day

Not Science, Not Speculation

Grounded Visionaries

Filters and bottlenecks

Why Am I Weird?

Em Econ, London Style

At Loooooong Last

Combo Markets, Live!

Breeding happier livestock: no futuristic tech required

Biases Of Fiction

Open Thread

College Admission Markets

Zitzewitz The Wise

A King is fine, so long as he’s one of us

Freakonomics On Consulting

Marginal Charity

Invent yourself and think through your impact – graduation ceremony speech

Can a tiny bit of noise destroy communication?

Grace-Hanson Podcast

On Friend Jealousy

Dec 7 DC Em Econ Talk

Working Class Futures

Could risk aversion be from friend thresholds?

Why Not Pre-Books?

Brands Show Identity

Was Intrade being manipulated over the last month?

Is Paper Low Status?

Wanted: Elite Crowds

Nuclear winter and human extinction: Q&A with Luke Oman

Why underestimate acceptable partners?

Does complexity bias biotechnology towards doing damage?

Young Idealist Reply

Open Thread

Impatient Idealism

Lean Pork

The value of time as a student

Two Kinds of Panspermia

Female Overconfidence

The transitivity of trust

Respectable Resentment

Arresting irrational information cascades

Alms is not about alms experts

On Play Hell

Info Ideology

Welcome Carl Shulman

Can Humans Be The FORTRAN Of Creatures?

Sleep Is To Save Energy

Paternalism can be kind, just not to present-you

We Add Near, Average Far

Open Thread

Miller’s Singularity Rising

US Politics Of Medicine

Why Admire Brags?

If elections aren’t a Pascal’s mugging, existential risk shouldn’t be either

Rude research

Covert virtue – the signal that doesn’t bark?

USA, Beware 2020

Significance and motivation

OB/LW Party, Berkeley

Inequality /=> Revolt

How to motivate women to speak up

3 Em Econ Talks Soon

The Alms Expert Opening

Missing Life-Lessons

Signaling bias in philosophical intuition

Placebos Show Care

Functions /= Tautologies

Theories vs. Metaphors

A Survey Question

Information won’t set you free by itself

The Functions Of Faith

Open Thread

Surplus splitting strategy

Sex At Dusk v. Dawn

How To Vote

AI Progress Estimate

Fairy Tales Were Cynical

Middle-aged not miserable, just too busy to answer surveys

More 2D Values

On the goodness of Beeminder

Dirty Air Kills

Shoo Freethinkers

Grace-Hanson Podcast

Silly Is Serious

No theory X in shining armour

Why Not Agents For All?

Disorganized collection growth

Is World Government Inevitable?

The Riddle of Ritual

Old Minds Are Fragile

BSG As Horror Tale

Ethical heuristics

What Is Your Sermon?

The geoengineering double catastrophe

Prediction Markets “Fail” To Mooch

Life after death for Pascal’s Wager?

Astrology Up Close

Far Mode Overly Praised

Brain Prize Eval Fund Near Enough

Robot ethics returns

Why Complex Life Is Rare

Leonhardt Blows It

Responsibility and Clicking

Open Thread

We Can Do Low-Treewidth Combinatorial Prediction Markets!

Finding “Our” Beliefs

Good friends can make bad business partners

Fragmented status doesn’t help

Work, Play Extremes

Frozen Or Plastic Brain?

Does life flow towards flow?

Your existence is informative

Plastination Is Near

I Talk At Oxford Wednesday

Resolving Paradoxes of Intuition

Story Rules

This Is A Group Blog Again

Pure Evil

Who Believes These?

Hypocrisy In The Lab

War Injustice

More On Music Function

What Function Music?

The Smart Are MORE Biased To Think They Are LESS Biased

Wither The Industrial Revolution?

Krugman On Future Econ

Road Rage Is Morality

Tech Firms Enslave Us?

When Is “Soon”?

Open Thread

Grace-Hanson Podcasts

Work Face Signals

Work Signals

Slang Signals

Teacher Remembered

Experts Agree

We Have Comment Likes

War Games Are Fake

Forager, Farmer Morals

Closer Horizons

Eventual Futures

Why Is Death Bad?

Why National Med?

Schools Are For War

Innovation Is Random

Six Million Visits

Taming The Wild Idea

Stories Are Like Religion

Testing My Growth Model

Illusory Power Transference

Death of a Salesman

Far Truth Is For Extremes

What Use Far Truth?

Is Conflict Inevitable?

Hypocritical Flattery

Academic Blog Credit?

Open Thread

Those Who Love Work

Votes Are Nearer Than Vote Talk

Who Wants Unbiased Journals?

Analysis Is Far Skeptical

Big Changes Test Econ

Tube Earth Econ

Government As Charity

Fair Date Reporting Act

Sleep Is Far

Jiro Lives Worth Living

Leigh on Ems

Morality Should Be Adaptive

Morality Should Exist

Anissimov On Ems

Are The Trendy Shallow?

Inequality Is Diversity

Is Peripheral Vision Far?

Em Need For Speed

Mail Order Is Far

Murphy on Growth Limits

Henson On Ems

Hail The Radiation Model

Near Cares More

Consulate Care

Em Econ 101 Talk

Ban Election Arguments?

Donors Affiliate

Happy Is Far

On Moral Hypocrisy

An Info King

N. Calif. Talk, Meetup

Our Quiet Galaxy

What Is Private?

Anxiety Is Near

Friends Vs. Family

Me on Al Jazeera again

Foragers Were Naked

Egan’s Zendegi

You Are Panem’s Capitol

Med Media Mangle

Haves And Have-Nots

Just A Flesh Wound

Saints And Burdens

Unpainted For Far

Doctors Dominate

Continuous Cooperation

Disagreement Experiment

Selling Praise

How To Influence People

Manzi On Trials, Consulting

Why Not Compromise?

Police Dominate

Today’s Insults

How To Win Friends

Seeking Firm Info Hypocrisy Examples

The Costs Of Savoring

For Useful Computers, You Have To Fire People

Owls Are Far

Happy Is Lonely

Why Not Let Kids Vote?

Private Firms Earn 3% More

Elites Excel At Hypocrisy

Open Thread

Hutter on Singularity

Turbulence Contrarians

Is Pessimism Immoral?

The Tree of Life is Far

Charles Murray, Farmer

Econ Advice Confirmed

Keynes’ Forager Future

Why Retire?

Why Allow Lies?

Are Firms Like Trees?

Immoral Altruism

How Social Are Signals?

Don’t Torture Mom & Dad

Me On Marketplace

Dog vs. Cat Medicine

Farm vs Pet Medicine

On Being Self-Aware

Rah Power Laws

Paying For Med Quality

Info Market Failure

Trade Dominance

Housing Envy

Personality Is Overt

You & The Distant Future

This Is the Plane Era

Missing Work Stories

What is Finding Welfare?

What Is Econ Advice?

Inequality Market Failure?

Deals Near, Morals Far?

Financial Mood

Status In Law, Finance

Status As Strength

Too Much Consulting?

Rising City Inequality

The Future Of Inequality

The History of Inequality

Ideals Can Conflict

Far Idealism Hypocrisy

Who Talks Politics?

Who Wants Kid $ Insure?

Virtual Office Design

Sex Ratio & Violence

Sex Ratio Signaling

Classical Music As Tax

Religion Gets Bad Rap

Silence Suggests Sim?

Hail John Watkins

Imagine Being Wrong

Why Hate Firms, Love Cities?

Brin Says Cryonics Selfish

Why Silence Puzzles

Future Wealth Inequity

Old Money Goes Broke

Inequality Math

Unspeakable Arrogance

Eye Candy Shows Slack?

You’d Take The Million

We Need The Very Rich

Hatin’ On Farmers

All In Their Heads

Intransitivity Is Invisible

Dear Young Eccentric

Regulatory Differences

Open Thread

Heads In The Sand