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Dark Pain, Dark Joy

1/6 of US Deaths From Hospital Errors

The ‘What If Failure?’ Taboo

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Wealth, Not Robots, Makes Us Lazy

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Political System Change Is Weird

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Why Do Algorithms Gain Like Chips?

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A City Is A Village Of Villages

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Better living through predestination

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What About The Future Matters?

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Why Good Is Crazy

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Slowing Computer Gains

When seeing X suggests ‘generally ¬X’

Sleep Signaling

Should I stop using my phone as a pedestrian?

In the long run, we’re all still exposed to risk

On Disowning Descendants

R&D Is Local, Global, But Not National

Personal experimentation: summary

Why it should be easy to dominate GiveWell’s recommendations

What Predicts Growth?

Who is setting global priorities?

Is most research a waste?

Bike Helmet Laws Fail

Goldilocks Disruptions

Farmers’ New Rituals

Is Social Science Extremist?

Which biases matter most? Let’s prioritise the worst!

Foom Debate, Again

What motivates cognition?

Personal experimentation: I’m wrong?

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Freedom to comment isn’t free

Is US gun control an important issue?

The SAEE: who was right?

Real Drama

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Personal experimentation: context specific?

Rah Simple Scenarios

US laissez-faire serves a greater global good

Personal experimentation: not shared?

Hypocritical Fairness

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Ask Questions That Matter

Life on farms may be worse than death

A History Of Foom

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Social Norms Are Far

Morality as though it really mattered

Democracy Is Competition

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