Sitemap - 2021 - Overcoming Bias

Innovation Liability Nightmare

Karnataka Hospital Insurance Experiment

Three Types of General Thinkers

We Don’t Have To Die

How Group Minds Differ

What Hypocrisy Feels Like

Coming Commitment Conflicts

On Evolved Values

Argument Foreplay

The Coming World Ruling Class

Will World Government Rot?

Minds Almost Meeting

What I Hold Sacred

‘The Profit’ Socialism Challenge

An ‘Amazon’ of Online College?

What Makes Stuff Rot?

Are Political Freedoms a Fluke?

How Do Aliens Differ?

Status Explains Lots

‘Long Reflection’ Is Crazy Bad Idea

Beware Centralization

To Cut Inequality, Face Hard Choices

Yay Argument Orientation

Elite Biases Make Policy Biases

Are You Your Best Career Agent?

The Insular Fertile Future

Think of the (Alien) Children!

Competition Cuts Spite

Be The Emperor’s Kid

What Are Universities For?

Why Taxes Or Control, Not Subsidies?

Why Not Innovate More?

What is ‘Elite Overproduction’?

Why Not Extend Formal Social Systems?

Douthat’s God Argument

Why Does Reason’s Reach Vary?

Seeking Status Fashion Stats

Green Knight Disses Glory

Neglecting Hard-To-Judge Abilities

Status Madness Starves Religion

Envisioning Artificial Life

How High Our Elite Tax?

Will Tech Help Totalitarians?

Brin’s UFO Questions

Fading Past Blocks Simulation Argument

Why Are We Weird?

Doing Intelligent Design Right?

Opinion Entrenchment

DIY vs. PFR Matchmaking

Seeing ANYTHING Other Than Huge-Civ Is Bad News

You Don’t Want To Know Your Limit

The Coming Cosmic Control Conflict

Replace Govt As Career Agent

We Moderns Are Status-Drunk

UFOs – What The Hell?

Report UFOs as Physical Likelihood Ratios

Give Tyler His Due

Comment Requested

“Artificial” = Not-Self-Made?

Would UFO Aliens Be Our Gods?

How School Goes Wrong

Protecting Hypocritical Idealism

On UFOs-As-Aliens Priors

Skirting UFO Taboos

UFOs and Status

Who Wants Curated Democracy?

Biologists Taboo Artificial Life

Roemer’s Socialism

The Biological Universe

Views Aren’t About Sights

“If We Win, You Win”

Panspermia Siblings

Status Trumps Argument

Who Watches Discrimination Watchers?

When The Tabooed Taboo

Parsing Pictures of Mars Muck

UFOs Show Govt. Competence As Either Surprisingly High Or Low

The Debunking of Debunking

Theories Of Unnatural Selection

Subtext Shows Status

Motive/Emotive Blindspot

Shoulda-Listened Futures

Schulze-Makuch & Bains on The Great Filter

Explaining Regulation

Try-Two Contest Board

Do Your Thoughts Scale?

Managed Competition or Competing Managers?

A Zoologist’s Guide to Our Past

Real Vs. Fake Stories: Complements or Substitutes?

Position Vs. Topic Contrarians

Reviving Freedom of ‘Religion’

Response to Suri Re Futarchy

Prefer Law To Governance

To Beat Aliens, We Must Become Aliens

Meta-Comments On UFO Talk

Explaining Stylized UFO Facts

UFO Stylized Social Facts

Given Our Date, Is Sun Birth Late?

Are Expansive Aliens Obvious?

Power Laws Approximate Appearance

Super Hostile Takeovers

Live And Learn

Who Wants Good Advice?

Sell Tax Rights To Make Agents

Our Default Info System: Status And Gossip

What Holds Up A North Pole of Dust?

Do Foo Fighters Show Our Snafu Fubar Future?

Non-Grabby Legacies

SETI Optimism is Human Future Pessimism

An Org Games Example

Separate-To-Make-Equal Vaccine Queues?

Is Status-Seeking A Context-Neglecting-Value?

Hail S. Jay Olson

What Is At Stake?

How Long Will We Distance?

Who Wants Common Sense?

More on Experts Vs. Elites

The InDirect-Check Sweet Spot

Experts Versus Elites

Counter-Signaling On Aliens

Humans Are Early

An Adventure

Why We Can’t See Grabby Aliens

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