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The Long Term Future of History

How Far To Grabby Aliens? Part 2.

How Far To Grabby Aliens? Part 1.

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Reliable Private-Enough Physical Identity

Social Proof, But of What?

If Aliens Are Near

Searching For Eden

Try-Try or Try-Once Great Filter?

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Why We Fight Over Fiction

Hidden Motives of Gratitude

The Pandemic Monkey Trap

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ALL Big Punishment Is “Cruel”

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We Will Never Learn More On Consciousness

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Six Struggles Surrounding Status

Prestige As Mob-Enforced Dominance

Prestige in US Today

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Why Do We ‘Rest’?

Who To Privilege Re Testimony?

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Randomize Judges Widely

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Win-Win Babies As Infrastructure

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We Are Over-Preventing Covid

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Contra-Counting Coalitions Value Variety

Socialism: A Gift You’d Exchange?

What Do Workers Want?

The Socialist Manifesto

Rulesy Folks Push Paternalism

Yay Parliaments

Why Not Clearer Legitimacy?

Our Hidden Motive To Submit

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How To Pick A Quack: Theory

The World Forager Elite

Elois Ate Your Flying Car

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Time Reversal In Tenet

Our Brave New Merged World

Remote Work Is Teleportation Lite

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Russell’s Human Compatible

Lognormal Priorities

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Lost Advanced Civilizations

Breadth, Humor Show Privilege

Dominance Explains Paternalism

Remote Work Specializes

What Future Areas Matter Most?

Incentivized Guardians

Innocent Verdicts

School Vouchers As Pandemic Response

Beware RightTalkism

Future Timeline, in Econ Growth Units

Thomas More on How to Corrupt Law

We Colonize The Sun First

Utopia’s Garden, World, and Wall

Board Games As Policy Arguments

Seeking Robust Credible Expertise Buyers

Problem-Owners Tolerate Risk

Risk-Aversion Sets Life Value

The Commanding Heights of Culture

Toward A University Department of Generalists

On Our Own

No Recent Automation Revolution

Philosopher Kings in Blue?

Missing Model: Too Much Do-Gooding

Science 2.0

Max Policing Is Disproportionate

The High Cost of Masks

Time to Mitigate, Not Contain

Pandemic Futarchy Design

Five Ways to Rate

Farrell On Who Pushes To Open

Lazar’s Dreamland

Modeling the ‘Unknown’ Label

Non-UFO Local Alien Clues

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Social Network Games

The Plan A Winner’s Circle Alliance

Constant Elasticity Prevention

2 Lockdown Cost-Benefit Analyses

Vouch For Pandemic Passports

Why Does Govt Do Stuff?

Subpoena Futures

What Can Money Buy Directly?

Why Not More Job Agents?

Three Futures

A Perfect Storm of Inflexibility

Covid19 Pizza-Risk Estimator

Peter Doherty on Variolation

Variolation Test Design

Reply to Cowen On Variolation

Beware R0 Variance

Variolation (+ Isolation) May Cut Covid19 Deaths 3-30X

Crush Contrarians Time?

How Many Judges?

Know When To Fold `Em

Do You Feel Lucky, Punk?

Expose The Young

Common Useless Objections

Vouching Fights Pandemics

Simple Sims On Pandemic Variance

For Fast Escaped Pandemic, Max Infection Date Variance, Not Average

Why Big Implicit Deals?

Plot Holes & Blame Holes

Deliberate Exposure Intuition

Consider Controlled Infection

Defrock Deregulation Economists?

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Socialism Via Futarchy

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