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Automatic Norms in Academia

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Automatic Norms

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Capturing The Policy Info Process

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All Pay Liability

Hypocrisy As Key To Class

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An Outside View of AI Control

Dealism, Futarchy, and Hypocrisy

Harnessing Polarization

City Travel Scaling

Humans Cells In Multicellular Future Minds?

Prediction Markets Update

Prepare for Nuclear Winter

Too Much of a Good Thing

MRE Futures, To Not Starve

Tegmark’s Book of Foom

Forager v Farmer, Elaborated

Meaning is Easy to Find, Hard to Justify

Entrenchit Happens

Can Human-Like Software Win?

There’s Always Subtext

Marching Markups

My TED/TEDx Talks

How Social Is Reason?

Why Ethnicity, Class, & Ideology?

Ems in Walkaway

Organic Prestige Doesn’t Scale

Compare Institutions To Institutions, Not To Perfection

Hazlett’s Political Spectrum

Foom Justifies AI Risk Efforts Now

Philosophy Vs. Duck Tests

High Dimensional Societes?

“Human” Seems Low Dimensional

Boost For Being Best

A Post-Em-Era Hint

Beware The Moral Spotlight

Intellectuals as Artists

Forget The Maine

A Tangled Task Future

A Call To Adventure

Conformity Excuses

Design A Better Chess

I’m Not Seaing It

When to Parrot, Pander, or Think for Yourself

Compelling ≠ Accurate

What TED Needs

Steven Levy’s Generic Skepticism

Superhumans Live Among Us

Mormon Transhumanists

Hail Humans

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Darwin’s Unfinished Symphony

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Both Plague & War Cut Capital Share?

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Future Gender Is Far