Sitemap - 2019 - Overcoming Bias

Governance By Jury

Injustice For All

Capitalism Uses Hate; That’s Good

Might Disagreement Fade Like Violence?

Automation As Colonization Wave

Why Not RFID Tag Humans?

Automation: So Far, Business As Usual

Unending Winter Is Coming

Designing Crime Bounties

Social Roles Make Sense

What Info Is Verifiable?

A New Truth Mechanism

Occam’s Policy Razor

Prestige Blocks Reform

Firms & Cities Have Open Borders

Why Not Also Punish False Praise?

Rules of Public Evidence?

The Big Change In Blame

Joker is Creepy

Open Borders

State Rating Agencies

Let Foreigners Speak

Separating Redistribution From Hardship Insurance

Dreamtime Social Games

Status Apps Are Coming

Who Vouches For You?

Quality Regs Say ‘High Is Good’

Graziano on a World of Uploaded Minds

Yay Democracy Dollars

Stamina Succeeds

Beware Multi-Monopolies

What’s So Bad About Concentration?

10% Less Democracy

Why Not Hi-Tech Forms?

How Idealists Aid Cheaters

Ways to Choose A Futarchy Welfare Measure

Paternalism Is About Status

A Model of Paternalism

Against Irony

Advice Wiki

End War Or Mosquitoes?

How To Prep For War

Big War Remains Possible

Will War Return?

Beware Nggwal

Pay More For Results

Why Age of Em Will Happen

Grabbing Now Versus Later

Libertarian Varieties

We Agree On So Much


Stephenson’s Em Fantasy

Decision Markets for Monetary Policy

Our Prestige Obsession

Progeny Probs: Souls, Ems, Quantum

Understandable Social Systems

Low Prestige Hurts More

Chiang’s Exhalation

Expand vs Fight in Social Justice, Fertility, Bioconservatism, & AI Risk

Who Likes Simple Rules?

The Persistence of Poverty

Why Crime Discretion?

Freedom Isn’t Free

Bounty Hunter Blackmail

Liability Insurance For All

Populists Like Late Bloomers

Huemer On Disagreement

Taboo Gradations

Who Complains How About Whom

Firms Are Not Aliens


Publish Tax Returns

Identity Norms

Rebooting Justice

Agency Failure AI Apocalypse?

Space Fund

The Puzzle of Human Sacrifice

Pre-Civilization Egypt

Firms Are Under-Trusted

Champions Show War Ability

Explaining Sex Rate Changes

Best Cause: New Institution Field Trials

Revolt of The Public

Speculator-Chosen Immigrants

Can We Trust Deliberation Priests?

To Oppose Polarization, Tug Sideways

Why Grievances Grow

Reponse to Weyl

Consider Reparations

Classic Style Intellectual Worlds

Why Weakly Enforced Rules?

Enforce Common Norms On Elites

Aliens Need Not Wait To Be Active

Checkmate On Blackmail

How Lumpy AI Services?

Conditional Harberger Tax Games

Fine Grain Futarchy Zoning Via Harberger Taxes

Distant Future Tradeoffs

How Does Brain Code Differ?

Youth As Abundance

When Wholes Become Parts

Have A Thing

Gender Is Big

Replication Markets Team Seeks Journal Partners for Replication Trial

Umpires Shouldn’t Be On Teams

Most Progress Not In Morals

Tales of the Turing Church