They may simply be anthropologists trying to study humans. They wanna come close to us and "buzz" us to gauge our reactions.

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It seems to be working in that the number of people apparently involved is growing. They seem to be superior in that they report having weak telepathic abilities (at least when with aliens), being able to read other people's thoughts and also influence their behaviour. And they meet hybrids who look human but have strong telepathic abilities, and get the abductees to teach them how to fit in unnoticed on Earth, where some of them are posted. Sounds crazy I know, but not beyond the bounds of possibility.

As you may or may not know Jacobs relies mostly on eyewitness testimony (often under mild hypnosis, as they mostly have amnesia about abductions), which you might regard as too unreliable. But the primary verification is that the people involved, despite not knowing each other or previously about the subject, produce remarkably similar accounts, including of details not published anywhere nor found in science fiction. Also that when supposedly abducted they actually go missing without explanation.

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Regardless of whether David Jacobs is right or not, it's the kind of evidence that would need to be produced for this notion to gain widespread acceptance. And if that is the aliens' plan, is it working? Are people who report being alien abductees "superior" in some way? What does "superior" even mean to him?

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I seem to be unable to upvote this post. It shows 0 total votes, or at least it appears to have no votes in two different browsers.

Is something wrong with the vote counter? Or is it a problem at my end?

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"Sometimes confirmed by many people and recorded by many instruments"

I'm curious what your top-N list of sightings would be.

The recent U.S. Navy sightings are unimpressive. The three videos are readily explainable as balloons and distant jets. The unofficial hearsay about radar data are suspect, and note that the radars had just been upgraded. Mick West has explained how even Cmdr. Fravor's eyewitness accounts are consistent with a balloon. And now a UFO-sympathetic journalist has raised the possibility of balloon-based radar reflectors launched from a foreign sub to test U.S. capabilities. He points out that the U.S. did this to Cuba in the 1960s.

The eyewitness accounts are on a smooth distribution that go all the way from seeing Venus through Fravor all the way to Bob Lazar's claims to have been inside a captured flying saucer that the military secretly flies. Where do you draw your line of incredulity? Paranormal claims need quality, not quantity.

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Maybe there is, I doubt anyone has looked or knows what to look for.

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The idea is to explain ALL the relevant facts, not just one or two.

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If their real motive can't be concealed (like they love to drink blood of animals), the best way to conceal it is to create a lot of noise.

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They think we can't see them, and when we do it's instances where their ships' cloaking systems or whatever are just miscalibrated.

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Oh, sorry.

This is why I never see or believe in alien visits to Earth.

Truly advanced civilizations develop truly advanced ways of making life feel like nirvana.

So, they are staying home.

Just a thought.

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How does that explain the many facts I'm trying to explain here?

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Two cents:

I say we refer to Star Trek TOS for a clue.

In one of the earliest episodes, the crew of the Enterprise does comes across an advanced civilization, but they have chosen to live underground and seem totally uninterested in galactic conquest. They can control thoughts, create illusions.

Maybe advanced civilizations are able to create nirvanas.

They become decadent, by some standards. For men, it is a successful hunt every day followed by a different and eager beautiful woman every night and the best food you could imagine.

Why go anywhere?

As drugs and robots improve...

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Disclaimer: I haven't read grabby aliens yet, but according to uncle Sam, I was once a (non-grabby) legal alien so I have a leg up.

Limitation: I don't see why interstellar travel has to necessitate being able to remake the universe. Perhaps sending fast probes (speed << c) is significantly easier than anything that counts under "remaking the universe".

There could also be a "law" of civilizations that in order for any civilization to survive the Great Filter, they have to lose their need for conquest. Perhaps 99% of aliens follow this pattern and they have ganged up on the 1% to prevent them from screwing up the universe for everyone.

Indirection: The UFO encounters not accomplishing much could be untrue. As others have pointed out, this could just be getting humans acclimatized. Perhaps multiple frequent contacts where nothing much of significance happens except simple demonstrations of technological superiority via flying circles around our technical best is the ideal way to introduce themselves.

And I know this isn't the hypothesis you took on here, but all of this would make so much more sense if we were in a simulation.

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If this is true, wouldn't there be evidence of this in the genomes of people or children of people who report abduction experiences?

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Does that do a better job of concealing their real motives and capabilities than not showing themselves at all?

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They are short read and some of the most significant background material I'm familiar with on the subject we're meeting here about.

I listened carefully to the video you posted and wrote responses to excerpts from it, I expect you to reciprocate.

Yes, the interviews are full of statements contradicting your video, as I said. They say explicitly that these were not weather balloons, planes, birds, etc., and further that they are crafts the aviators would dream of flying, and consider otherworldly and beyond their understanding of the laws of physics. I leave the rest for you to discover.

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