Struggle For Function: Seems most pronounced when one is sick. Self-status suffers in such circumstances and obviously one may be concerned about what others may think about the performance of function.

Struggle For Allies:Seems like this is something that I struggle (strive?) for often. The drive behind it may have dampened recently, but it is still there. Can this simply be the want of being liked?

Struggle For Status:So it seems like status depends on the community within which that status is applicable. So for example, you join a social club. The status in the club is relevant in the club. Obviously, some types of status carry over to other communities.

widely shared estimates of many admirable featuresInteresting. So is it fair to say that 'money'/'power' are the most admired features today?

People form coalitions to push for more weight onto favorable featuresA society (or any collective/community) is then defined by the fashion of admirable features that dominates it at that time?

Struggle Over Struggles: So this is like meta struggle.

particular positions of powerCould be as trivial as vouching for other people who have same/similar 'features' as yourself, so that by promoting them, you are promoting those 'features' and hence yourself?

These communities compete for influence in a wider world My golf club is better than your golf club, hence maybe my golf is better than your golf?

invite you to join me in pushing to make status matter less, and to put more weight on function and allies I feel that in many ways, this is me, has been for a very long while. I have always valued/weighted function and allies more than status, fashion and worlds.

I have not thought about the meta struggle before, but that seems like something I would enjoy focusing on. I clearly have lived a life where the struggle for function and allies has drastically outweighed struggle for worlds and fashion.

An interesting thing to experiment with would be for me to promote my two favored struggles over the other struggles - do the Struggle of Struggles. Get Meta.

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Totally agree. But the colonial powers are in denial.

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I want status to matter more, not less.

The Chinese have done so for millennia.

We should at least familiarize ourselves with what Daniel Bell calls just hierarchy.

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