What field of information was available to the sperm buyers?

From my understanding of that information and preferences within it, I'd guess that this guy was unusually healthy and from an unusually healthy family, tall, went to an Ivy League school, high IQ score, and was Caucasian. At least, that's the impression I've gotten of favored sperm donor characteristics from the want-ads for them.

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The New York Times published a story about a sperm donor with 150 children. Genghis Khan would be proud!

It's apparent this donor has physical, mental, or personality traits that appeal to a great number of women. If these are anonymous donations, then the donor was social proofed somehow, either by the clinic operators, or by the apparent quality of his children. Think thoroughbred horse breeding.

It's clear a lot of people seeking designer babies want their children to resemble an ideal but what ideal is this? What does it look like? To what end? Is this ideal timeless, or is it shifting depending on the times?

This is a big deal: you can't trust a person with a different idea of perfect.

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Zoning and prostitution regulations are both usually the result of local government action, not covenants of individual contracts. My argument isn't that either are good or bad; I'm pointing out that the if-you-allow-things-separately-then-you-should-allow-them-together principle is often used against the latter, but not the former, and wondering why this is the case. It may be that motivated reasoning often leads people to think that this principle is much more morally persuasive than it really is.

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"In tissue culture, exposure to reactive oxygen species appears to accelerate telomere shortening.In addition, under specific conditions, telomere length is a “mitotic clock” for a cell's proliferative history, and telomere loss is linked to DNA damage by reactive oxygen species, which accumulates over time. In one study, endothelial progenitor-cell telomeres were shorter in patients with coronary artery disease than in healthy persons, and intensive lipid-lowering therapy both reduced oxidative DNA damage and prevented further telomere attrition." New England J.of Medicine 2009; Vol 361:2353-2365.So it is not entirely clear how the factors are mutually interrelated.Nothing is settled yet.

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I initially bought the racist thesis against Obama, but then I remembered how Kerry's opponents spoke about him. I do suspect that racial stuff adds a little to the opposition, but I think the starting point is the vitirol against Kerry, Hillary, Carter, and other democrats who are all spoken of with hatred by tea baggers.

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Surrogacy isn't a huge cost. ~$12k per pregnancy.


Embryos could be produced anywhere, frozen, shipped to the clinic and implanted.

The problem is going to be getting the epigenetic programming right, and no one even knows what "getting it right" even means. Most don't even appreciate that there is something really complicated that needs to be done "right".

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Many biochemists consider age to be the ratio of ROS (reactive oxygen species) scavenger enzymes (e.g., superoxide dismutase, catalase, and others) to the volume of oxygen consumed. Up until about age 18, this ratio is approximately 1. From there, the enzyme levels gradually decline, allowing the emergence of oxidative stress. This is now thought to be the underlying cause of essentially all degenerative disease. Note that calorie restriction, the only proven mechanism for life extension, diminishes the metabolism of oxygen and thus produces fewer ROS molecules. Activation of the Nrf2 system holds promise for returning the ratio to 1 in all-aged individuals by provoking production of the same level of ROS scavenger enzymes as were produced at age 18.

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DK,Good lord -you're both bad faith in your distortions of other people's claims and in the "facts" you bring to a discussion.

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Libertarianism is about acquiring and exchanging property according to a principle of justice and not physically hurting others. Zoning laws do not violate those principles, however, somebody would be allowed to buy land and then sell or rent it with an agreement to refrain from building factories, retail businesses or other such things.

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Beyond the scope shift from “military and intelligence” to “US Army”

That's because in the US "military and intelligence" only US Army runs substantial biomedical research. But if you'd rather believe in the top secret underground first class large CIA laboratories...

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If preventing waste and fraud was a priority, there would have been resources put to preventing it. There weren't resources put to preventing waste and fraud. Clearly preventing waste and fraud was not a priority.

The Afghan insurgency's second largest funding source after the illegal drug trade is the diversion of money from U.S.-backed construction projects and transportation contracts, according to the commission.http://www.oregonlive.com/t...

Why was it not a priority? With Cheney being a major stockholder of Halliburton, and with Halliburton being a major contractor with many no-bid contracts and one of the worst offenders in the fraud, waste and abuse category, it is pretty clear why it wasn't a priority.


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I think you're simplifying things a bit to make it a story that's salient to you. Without a doubt there's a lot of dumb identity conservatives in the USA, and they're distorting policy in a stupid direction. I think the dynamics of the Iraq War were a bit more complex than war profiteer / Haliburton enrichment though -albeit I'm not an expert in that area.

As far as conservatives trying to make Obama a one term president by harming the economy -the weird thing to me is this locked in notion on the left and the establishment for years that the left / democrats / Obama himself should strive for Obama to be a 2 term president. Now they've probably come close to painting themselves into this position, but I would have liked to have seen an array of technocrats robustly competing for both the Democrat and Republican nominations -and for 3rd party nominations, too.

I haven't seen a good progressive case for an uncontested Obama renomination (or even for him to run for a second term). It has seemed like a bit of a zombie march to me.

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HA, unfortunately I don't think so. Those who are running the congress and the country into the ground don't care about the US as a whole, they only care about what they call “Real Americans”, that is only Americans who fit their racial, ethnic, religious, political, fiscal, sexual orientation, economic profile.

The Iraq war was run to enrich war profiteers, such as Halliburton. The military was used and used up to enrich those war profiteers. If they really cared about the country, the military, and national security they wouldn't have cut taxes the way they did. They wouldn't be sacrificing the nation's future well being by being AGW denialists.

The people running things don't understand military matters, they don't understand macro economics, they don't understand how to nurture and make things grow. All they understand is zero-sum power. What ever power they don't have, someone else has, and is a threat to them. They feel that if all power not controlled by them is destroyed, that somehow they are made stronger.

They are willing to severely damage the country to try and make sure Obama is a one term president. Why? Because they can and they have the delusional idea that they will be better off if they do so. They and the country won't be better off, the only thing they can achieve is to amass more power, power which they will only use to amass more power.

They will not use that power to make the world a better place because they don't know how. Their only conceptualization of what makes the world a better place is from their zero-sum thinking. If they destroy other people's power, then by conservation of power, they have more.

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Perhaps they want the firefighters in question to be more heroic (i.e. make a better story) by being martyrs?

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Daedelus, interesting points about national security and rational economic policy that I've thought a little about before. I suspect that the defense establishment will eventually weigh in on the side of DeLong and Krugman the way they did on affirmative action in that Michigan case -we'll see a bunch of retired generals pen op-eds in support of sufficient keynsian stimulus and stuff like that. "This is important for national security" seems to me to be the last ditch effort to save the USA from self-destructive policy.

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I think they are scary percentages even if they were 1/10 or 1/100 as much.

No US government would be able to exercise nuclear primacy and win the next election. Killing tens of millions of Europeans would ensure the political demise of what ever president and/or congress did it or authorized it.

Does a parent having dozens of assault weapons increase the parent's authority over his/her children? Over his/her siblings? Over his/her neighbors? What if someone had their own personal nuclear weapons? Does that make them the "boss" of the neighborhood?

There is no rational way to benefit by using nuclear weapons. Virtually everyone knows this except chicken-hawks who have delusional ideas about war, war fighting, and war winning.

Economic primacy is much more important and the US is ceding that to China by following the crazy ideas of the tea partiers who are working against the interests of the majority of Americans because the wealthy have sold them a bill of goods. Taxes are at the lowest they have been in 60 years. How is the problem taxes being too high? The wealthy have channeled the hatred the tea partiers have for Obama (because he is black) into hating what ever policies Obama wants to pursue. Cut payroll taxes? If Obama is for it, then the GOP are against it. Cantor wants to make emergency disaster aid contingent on cutting the budget elsewhere? Hold the disaster victims hostage to his desire to shrink government? Just because a black man is president?

The US is unable to even articulate and follow rational economic policy. It doesn't have the political will, or the political ability to use nuclear primacy as an instrument of policy. The GOP went ballistic when Obama supported NATO in helping the rebels in Libya, even though no US troops were involved! What would they do if Obama did some nuclear posturing? They think he is an uppity n**** now. What would they think if he was threatening white people in Russia or Europe?

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