It would hard for a video game to model the fact that if your body is destroyed, you don’t remember what happened since your last backup.

Isn't the way that most video games model death already? When your character is destroyed/dies, you have to start over from your last save or checkpoint. Of course, the actual person playing the game remembers how his character died, but if you're an em and your body is destroyed, you'll probably be able to get some information from outside sources about the events leading up to your body's destruction anyway (maybe there is some security camera footage available).

To simulate having limited information about your destruction, what about a game feature where a different player has to take over for a player who dies? You get some limited info about how a previous player messed up/got destroyed in some situation, and then you're placed in that situation as their character and you have to try something different to get through it. You only get one try though - if you mess up too, that information is passed along to yet another player, and then they get a shot at it.

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The game would have to address THE big problem arising from varying speeds: disproportionate gains for whoever uses a speedup at the right moment (often just being lucky when choosing such a moment) and most of all whoever gets to use the ability first. A game could solve this issue by making the game more of a puzzle to figure out the exact right moment to use a speedup to gain some resource that you need to defeat a boss for example. With the game being programmed towards the player being able to find these moments in a somewhat logical manner. In a real EM world social mobility would end forever within the time regular speed EMs need to say the word "oligarchy".

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