Great Filter TEDx

This Saturday I’ll speak on the great filter at TEDx Limassol in Cyprus. Though I first wrote about the subject in 1996, this is actually the first time I’ve been invited to speak on it. It only took 19 years. I’ll post links here to slides and video when available.

Added 22Sep: A preliminary version of the video can be found here starting at minute 34.

Added 12Dec: The video is finally up:

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  • Geoff Brown

    Congrats Robin!! Looking forward to the video.

  • Joshua Brulé

    Very cool – I’m looking forward to the video.

    Although I am curious, why now? Was someone randomly digging through your archive of essays, or is there some special space-related event going on that is stimulating interest again?

    • anon

      /r/Futurology gets promoted to default subreddit, suddenly scores of people looking at cat videos accidentally into transhumanism

      that’s my guess

  • guest

    Congrats, Robin. People may inquiry, what are the “Ten Ways the Coming Great Filter Will Impact Me” in the form of a listicle.. I urge you: resist.

    • Curt Adams

      No, no, it should be “Horrifying news from new planet discoveries” (kinda true, actually)

  • Tristan Haze

    For now Robin’s talk is available at the following link at around 33mins into the video:

    • burger flipper

      Robin writes very well

      • You saying you like the words on my slides? Or the words I spoke?

    • Clinton McMurray

      The page at that link is presently down.

  • Dave Lindbergh

    Just watched the video; it’s a great introduction to the topic.

    But I think the anthropic argument can cut both ways – we are here and talking about it, therefore we exist. Since we must exist, the fact that we do exist doesn’t tell us anything about the probability of our own existence (since a priori the probability is 1).

    Or am I confused?

  • Tobi