Thank You TrikeApps!

In 2009 my co-blogger Eliezer Yudkowsky split off from Overcoming Bias (OB) to create the Less Wrong (LW) blog. TrikeApps wrote the feature-full software for LW, and Eliezer wanted to start it off with a high Google page rank via inheriting his posts here at OB. To support this, I agreed to let TrikeApps move OB from TypePad to a new platform where TrikeApps could turn Eliezer’s OB post links into hard links to posts at LW, to have recent LW and OB posts show up in a sidebar at the other site, and to have TrikeApps manage the technical aspects of OB.

Four years later, I’d like to send a big hearty THANK YOU to TrikeApps for their blog management. I expect it would have cost lots to pay someone to do the work they’ve done. I don’t have any plans to change this arrangement anytime soon, though I’m of course open to suggestions for other ways to manage and structure this blog.

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  • Guest

    When I go to football games, I always introduce myself and exchange pleasantries with the people sitting around me… I do this to lessen the chance that anyone will try to stop my belligerent ramblings toward referee and opponent once the game begins. So kindness as a bellwether of impending cost, beware TrikeApps 😉

  • Also, Matt of TrikeApps is one of the loveliest, soundest people you could ever have the good fortune to meet.


    Yet, it remains the case that this blog’s tendency to lose Comments may be the worst in the entire blogosphere..

    (Robin Hanson must be really cheap.)