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nebulaDon’t miss the hi-res version.

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  • Did anyone else look at that and think, “Wow, what a waste of negentropy?”

    Here’s an alternative for those of us who are cheap:

    Hmm, that doesn’t look quite as pretty somehow. Is it possible that God created this universe just because He needed a new background picture for his desktop?

    • Living things are not normally expected to care much about wasting negentropy – unless they are in a confined space where they can’t get any more of it.

      Normally there are more important things than how much is wasted – namely getting to the negentropy first, and rapid utilisation of it.

  • Hubble: Space Doesn’t Really Look Like That! a little about how pictures like this are made.

  • Yes of course they can play with the frequency to color map; but they don’t play with the angle to frequency map, which is where most of the info in the pict is found.

    • Are you saying that the images would be equally beautiful if the color mapping were random?

      I took the picture and added a gradient map to it. It’s not quite the same as changing the color mapping (or maybe it is, I am not really sure how much information is lost in the conversion to grayscale), but you get the idea: http://img193.imageshack.us/i/gradientmap.png/

  • q

    looks like enya

  • Err, my comment was supposed to link to a picture of a flame fractal. (I can’t find the one that I originally posted.)

  • m

    maybe this is what q meant, but it looks like (in family blog-speak) lady bits

    you know, like orchids, butterflies, etc.

    is this too evo-psych?