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Which ideas get more video attention can be pretty random. 

At the low attention extreme, I’m most known for my work on prediction markets, yet these are the most viewed videos of me on that:

At the other extreme, while most videos on my first book Age of Em have only a few K views, one of them is my most viewed video on any topic:

My second book Elephant in the Brain sold far more copies, but videos on that are far less popular:

However one other person’s book review on that on did much better:

Many news articles have mentioned my great filter concept over the years (several in the last week), but I’ve only ever once been invited to talk on it:

My work on grabby aliens has not yet resulted in a talk invite, or substantial media coverage. But videos on it have been very popular. This one (+ a sequel) now has the most views:

But I predict this next one will soon overtake it, as it has gone halfway there in only 5 days.

Even so, this one (+ 3 excerpts) will likely long remain the winner in terms of views times video length:

These on grabby aliens are less popular, but still pretty popular:

My debate with Curtis Yarvin (aka Mencius Molbug) was sorta popular:

Finally, for comparison my videos on vouching and the sacred are far less popular:

Added 11a: Someone just added many of these videos at BitChute.

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