Me Soon In Bay Area, DC, NYC

Folks near New York City, Washington DC, or the California Bay Area, consider seeing an upcoming Age of Em talk. (I’ll add more specific links as I get them.)

CA Bay Area

July 9, 10a-7p, Oakland, BIL Oakland
Aug 1, 1p, Mountain View, Benghazi Tech Talk, Google
Aug 2, 5p, Mountain View, RethinkDB
Aug 3, 7p, Oakland, Oakland Futurists
Aug 5-7, Berkeley, Effective Altruism Global
Aug 8, 7p, Palo Alto, Stanford Effective Altruism

Washington DC

July 23, 8a, World Future Society
July 26, 6p, Prosperity Caucus

New York City

July 12, 4:35p, Brooklyn, TTI/Vanguard
July 13, 7p, Brooklyn, Loft67

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  • milx

    No Philadelphia while you’re in the area? 🙁

    • Find a group there to invite me, and I’ll probably come.

  • Dave Lindbergh

    For those who are dithering – go, esp. if you haven’t already read the book. You’ll be glad you did.

    Robin’s talk is really polished and clear – he covers a huge amount of ground in a short time.

  • William Ehlhardt

    Will you be speaking at EA Global, or just attending?

    • These are all events where I’m speaking on #ageofem.