While last week I talked at U Rochester, the next three weeks I talk at:

All these talks are, of course, on my upcoming book The Age of Em.

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  • Lee Wang


  • Joseph Miller

    Hey Robin, it’s hard to imagine The Age of Em lasting very long before one of the Ems invents strong AI or a better theory of intelligence and can create and improve upon AIs from scratch rather than just emulating.

    Do you have any thoughts about this? Is it addressed in your book? Or are you only interested in the time when Ems are the dominant economic force?

    • But during those two years, the typical em would experience millennia, and the world economy would grow by an enormous factor.

      • Joseph Miller

        Yep, makes sense. Looking forward to the book

      • Todd Kreider

        so we non-ems just have to hang on those two years, living off of the world boom that would trickle down a bit, and wait for whatever comes next. Cool. Now I’m optimistic again. Just 730 days…

      • You must be risk-loving.

      • arch1

        What *else* is a commited human to do in such a situation? (He’s even planning ahead, building his ‘paper’ trail now..:-)

  • Jonathan Starr

    Robin, Is the MIT event open to the public? (I’m not an MIT student) will building 4 be access controlled? And this is the building 4 off of Killian Cort right?

    • I think there is only one building 4, but I don’t know if that event is open. The event the night before is definitely open.