Age of Em Update

My first book, The Age of Em: Work, Love, and Life When Robots Rule the Earth, is moving along toward its June 1 publication date (in UK, a few weeks later in US). A full book jacket is now available:


Blurbs are also now¬†available, from: Sean Carroll, Marc Andreessen, David Brin, Andrew McAfee, Erik Brynjolfsson, Matt Ridley, Hal Varian, Tyler Cowen, Vernor Vinge, Steve Fuller, Bryan Caplan, Gregory Benford, Kevin Kelly, Ben Goertzel, Tim Harford, Geoffrey Miller, Tim O’Reilly, Scott Aaronson, Ramez Naam, Hannu Rajaniemi, William MacAskill, Eliezer Yudkowsky, Zach Weinersmith, Robert Freitas, Neil Jacobstein, Ralph Merkle, and Michael Chwe.

Kindle and Audible versions are in the works, as is a Chinese translation.

I have a page that lists all my talks on the book, many of which I’ll also post about here at this blog.

Abstracts for each of the thirty chapters should be available to see within a few weeks.

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  • Robert Koslover

    Looks great! Congrats on this milestone.

  • zarzuelazen

    What If some AGI project goes FOOM on the evening of 31st May?

  • mgoodfel

    Could you write something about going with a publisher instead of doing it yourself on Amazon? I don’t understand why anyone puts up with the endless delays of conventional publishing now that there’s an alternative. Especially when you have a blog and don’t need the (minimal) promotion you get from a publisher.

    • When there are usual ways and alternative ways, it makes sense to first try something the usual way before considering trying it the alternate way. And endorsement by a respected Academic press carries a lot of weight with some.

  • Paul Ralley

    I’ve managed to get a ticket for the Adam Smith Institute on 3/21 – really looking forward to saying hi.