Me On Big Picture Science

I’m the first of four folks interviewed for the “Meet Your Replacements” episode of the SETI Institute’s Big Picture Science radio show. The topic:

There’s no one like you. At least, not yet. But in some visions of the future, androids can do just about everything, computers will hook directly into your brain, and genetic human-hybrids with exotic traits will be walking the streets. So could humans become an endangered species?

Be prepared to meet the new-and-improved you. But how much human would actually remain in the humanoids of the future?

Plus, tips for preventing our own extinction in the face of inevitable natural catastrophes.

My part is with Seth Shostak, and 9 minutes long. I talk about ems, naturally. The other three guests are Luke Muehlhauser, Stuart Newman, & Annalee Newitz.

It is a pretty good show; I think I was told it has 150,000 listeners. They say they are “supported in part by Sami David, Rena Shulsky David, and the NASA Astrobiology Institute.” My thanks to them as well.

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