Em Econ, London Style

Together with the provocative (Skype super-developer) Jaan Tallinn, I’ll speak on em econ next Saturday 2-5pm in London:

In this extended (3 hour) session, Robin Hanson and Jaan Tallinn will revisit and expand the material from their ground-breaking presentations from the Singularity Summit 2012 – presentations that Vernor Vinge, commenting shortly afterwards, described as refutations of the saying that “there is nothing new under the sun”. (more)

Jaan will talk on:

The incredible coincidence that we were born just decades before an imminent technological singularity that threatens to break our model of the evolution of the entire universe.

Added 19Dec: Here slides, bad audio from the talk. Here are slides, audio from my talk at the Oxford AGI-Impacts conference talk a few days before.

Added May ’13: Here is video of my Oxford conference talk.

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