Owls Are Far

Questionnaire results from more than 350 people showed that morning types are attracted to concrete information rather than abstract thinking and like to rely on logic rather than intuition. They tend to be introverted, self-controlled, and eager to make a good impression on others. In contrast, evening types have a far more creative outlook on life, are more prepared to take risks, are more independent and nonconforming, and are a little impulsive. (more; HT Katja Grace; see also)

Larks are older, more conformist, more dependable [than owls], and so more likely to set official rules. Such rules seem to favor lark-preferred hours of work, school, etc., and to give larks higher school grades even though owls are smarter and eventually richer. (more)

So some folks really do lean far, while others lean near. Near folks coordinate better to benefit their kind. Which makes sense – in contests of conniving, practical minded folks should consistently beat idealists.

Note that although in general happy is far, larks are happier.

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