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In this half-hour episode, Jim Glassman interviews Martin Ford and I on Will Robots Take Our Jobs?. (I posted on Tyler and Ford here.) You might think we’d go into more argument detail in a half hour show, but alas we seem to just repeat the same top level points. This was in part due to an interview, rather than a debate, format. Glassman also seemed more interested in getting Ford to make dramatic claims than in hearing rebuttals – Ford got to say 40% more words than I.

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  • Anyone know how to adjust this inserted vid code so it doesn’t start playing as soon as the page is loaded?

    • mobile

      For videos hosted at, include the setting


      inside the tags. Does that make sense?

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        I mean

        [param name=”automaticAdvance” value=”false” /]

        inside the


        tags, but using angle brackets (<>), not square brackets. ([])

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        For videos hosted at, include the setting

        <param name=”automaticAdvance” value=”false” />

        inside the

        <object …></object>

        tags. Hope that makes sense.

        And feel free to delete my other poorly formatted comments on this (or any other) topic.

  • A Robot


    Look for this toward the beginning of the code:

    add ‘&autoStart=0’ at the end so it becomes:

    Also your link “(I posted on Tyler and Ford here.) ” is not working.

  • A Robot

    looks like it trashed the code I pasted.

    Change the url


    toward the beginning of the code…

  • Florian

    It’s “Martin Ford and ME” instead of “I”.

    • Dave

      Florian, constructions of the form “Martin and I” are a signalling device; albeit correct, “Martin and me” signals lack of education.

    • Seem

      I’m interested in the signalling role of correcting grammar. It is rarely done in a neutral way (“by the way, just to note, you made a mistake”) but either to assert greater linguistic ability or to punish the individual for not following The Rules. It is almost never done to clear up ambiguity in the sentence.

      Now what am I trying to do with this post…?

  • mobile and Robot, I tried both or your suggestions; neither work.

  • Huzzah

    I used to think you look like Red Foreman from That 70s Show, now I think you look like Clive Anderson.

  • Jonas

    wikipedia article on “vacancy chain models” in specific job markets:

  • Jonas
  • The “Income inequality in the United States” article shows income inequality consistently rising over time. Global measures seem a little more controversial.

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