Me On Good Morning America

Tomorrow morning at 8a EST I’ll appear on ABC’s Good Morning America, talking about cryonics. [Added:] The part on cryonics is at minutes 28:30-33:45 here; I’m at 31:50-32:50. Just my episode can be found here:

Some quotes are here. The show has 4.6 million viewers! So I had about as many TV viewers today as I’ve had blog post visits ever.

Added: Britney Spears is apparently a new cryonics customer.

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  • James Oswald

    They won’t know what hit ’em.

  • nazgulnarsil

    Do we really want the viewership of Good Morning America there in the glorious future with us?

    • JGWeissman


  • Abelard Lindsey

    The reaction should be interesting. A very good friend of mine, who is active in cryonics, made the comment to me once that “cryonics pisses people off”. I think this is true. It seems that whenever cryonics becomes the subject of a conversation, people start jumping up and down like organ-grinder’s monkeys even when they have no personal interest in it.

  • Cardoza

    GMA and all the similar TV outlets are ‘highly-produced’ (controlled) media presentations… with short superficial segments, no matter what the topic.

    Perhaps you can give us some insight later… on the behind-the-scenes setup. No doubt the GMA staff will pre-interview you… and give you some hints on how they want that brief segment to proceed & generally what they expect you to say.

    Free national TV publicity is good (?)… but that venue is a bit hard to stomach.

  • Try not to freeze up!

  • Also of interest is the Through the Wormhole episode on immortality.

    Good season for cryonics publicity lately. 🙂

  • Andy McKenzie

    Robin, I’m not sure if that link was sarcastic, but if not, I think you will learn to distrust British newspapers. It’s my #2 rule of the internet. Congrats on the appearance though–I enjoyed the macbook shots.

  • Anonymous

    For anyone in Canada who can’t view the above link, here is a link that does work:

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