Grace-Hanson Podcasts

Katja Grace was in town recently, so she and I took the opportunity to start an occasional podcast series. Here are the first two episodes:

  1. Signaling
  2. Idealism

Alas we recorded the second one outside, with odd distracting noises, perhaps the wind.

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  • Wonks Anonymous

    Your point that we are conscious of signalling when it is especially important (job interviews, etc) cuts against Dan Sperber’s argumentative/rhetorical theory of reasoning (as opposed to unconscious intuition), and in favor of the theory that some things are really hard and so require more than our unconscious intuition.

  • DW

    I suppose that costs money.
    Maybe a little sidebar or section of the overcomingbias website with a catalogue of the podcasts?

    • What are you talking about? I didn’t see anything about itunes.

      • What are you talking about? I didn’t see anything about itunes.

        Me neither, but even so, there are hundreds of free podcasts on iTunes. For instance, EconTalk (which Robin has been a guest on) is available on iTunes for free.

    • Konkvistador

      That sounds like a very good idea.

  • Pedro Bento

    In Signaling, you talk about unobserved behaviour. I imagine behaving in a certain way in private makes public signaling easier (more convincing). This could be because practice makes perfect. It may also be because convincing yourself that you really are a certain type of person makes signaling less costly (since you won’t perceive your behaviour as phony).

  • Proper Dave

    I think this is false advertising, I think a podcast have to be playable on a ipod… what is with the wma … There is something called mp3, that is much better…

  • shawn reed

    now…what is Professor Hanson signaling by using the inferior, fettered wma format?

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  • yeh

    The podcasts do not download (time-out).

    Why not use itunes and get rid of the dreadful .wma format?

    Thanks and regards


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