NYC Meetup Tuesday 7p

I’ll be in New York City this Tuesday evening 7-11p, at 60 West 23rd Street, Apt. 904. Katja Grace of Meteuphoric will atttend and my esteemed ex-co-blogger Eliezer Yudkowsky, now at Less Wrong, plans to join us later. Please join us if you can.

Added 29June: Meetup was great; thanks to all ~50 of you for coming, and to our hosts for hosting.

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  • Shane

    What’s the occasion?

    • mjgeddes

      The ‘plan’ is going ahead. Across the world, ‘revolutionary cells’ of hackers were quietly trained. The meetings in the New York apartment were no doubt giving the final go ahead for taking over the world and ensuring a smooth transition of power.

      The conspiracy is brilliant! Who would have suspected an older, mild-mannered economics professor of masterminding all this!

  • zach

    I’ll see you there

  • Buck Farmer

    Wish I could but out of the country.

  • Erich

    Will be glad to join you, though I’ll only be able to get there by 8. Please post any location updates after the event starts to this thread so I can catch up if the group moves

  • zach
  • as

    let’s meet on a different continent to overcome bias – Antarctica the best