First Cryonics Hour

Me two years ago:

I hereby offer to talk for one hour on any subject to anyone who can show me they’ve newly signed up for cryonics. You can record the conversation, publish it, and can sell your time to someone else.

Stuart Armstrong has signed up for cryonics, and then redeemed my offer. Congrats Stuart! We talked for an hour, and he recorded the conversation. If he does something with that recording, I’ll post a link here.

Any other takers?

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  • Arthur B.

    I own an unredeemed Robin Hanson hour coupon myself. I am still undecided as to what I should do with it. Can the author / commenters provide suggestions?

    • daedalus2u

      You should auction it. Then by what price you get for it, others can decide how much value is attached to the hour with Robin or the cryonics signup.

  • Jeff

    Can you give us some information on which agency you chose and why? Do any of these companies publish audited financial statements? Has there been any discussion of what the risks are in terms of the long-term economic viability of these organizations?

  • Minibear Rex

    Is this just a one time offer, or is this something multiple people can redeem?

    • Robin Hanson

      The offer is still open, to multiple folks.

  • Paul Crowley

    I’d forgotten about this! I completed the process of signing up in I think December – when does the offer expire?

  • Robin Hanson

    The offer remains open to folks who signed up after my offer was posted.

  • Silas Barta

    Awesome, I didn’t even know about this offer, let alone that it was still open! Look to hear from me soon!

  • jsalvatier

    I think I was in the process at the time you posted it but only completed it significantly afterwards. Does that count? If so, what is your preferred proof method?

    I’m not sure I have a good topic. I might ask you questions about Professional Voting ( Other suggestions welcome.

    • Robin Hanson

      People are often “in the process” for many years. So yes it counts. 🙂

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