Sample Odds

Chances of some future events, from

70-71% Republicans win US House in 11/2010
42-47% California legalizes marijuana in 11/2010
6-16% California credit default by 2011
10-20% US overt strike on N. Korea by 4/2011
24% US or Israel overt strike on Iran by 2012
10-19% US Sup. Court bans med. mandate by 2012
16-18% Palin is Republican nominee in 2012
11-30% Japan says it has nuke by 2013
45-48% US Cap & Trade system by 2013
12-14% China war act on Taiwan by 2013
15-38% Higgs Boson seen by 2014

If you think any of the above in error, please do go get paid to correct the error.

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