Will Tyler Tell?

Bryan Caplan:

Book projects I wish my other colleagues would pursue. …  Tyler Cowen should write that I call a “book of answers” with the working title Social Intelligence: What I Know About People That You Don’t. The key point of departure: The goal of the book is not to “get readers to ask themselves questions,” but to convey definite answers that Tyler defends without irony.  If you think this goes against his nature, I’ve seen him do this many times first-hand – just not in print.

Yep.  If you want to predict what real people will do, or explain why they do what they do, I know of no better person to ask than Tyler Cowen.  There’s no great rush, and Tyler has many other ways to spend his time, but the world will suffer a great loss if Tyler does not publish his concrete penetrating insight in a coherent organized form.  I’m not at all sure the world will reward him on net for such honesty, but it would still be his greatest contribution.  (Bryan’s advice for me here.)

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