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  • Collin Marshall, Marketplace of Ideas radio, Jan 28.
  • Debate with M. Moldbug, Foresight 2010, Jan 16.
  • Colin McEnroe, Connecticut Public Radio, Jan 15.
  • Phil Bowermaster, Fast Forward Radio, Dec. 22.

Added 9Feb: Moldbug vid here; Marshall transcript here.

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  • Luff

    What are the topics of the different audioclips?

  • >Marketplace of ideas interview.

    What is the point of faith if you believe? “we sacrifice the whole truth of any given experience for the value to which we are constrained”

    In seeking the truth, nothing is personal.

    LIked the interview.

  • mtc

    Enjoyed the Colin McEnroe show appearance, though I didn’t realize it was you until pretty far into the show, which surprised me. I would have thought I would recognize Hansonian commentary instantly.

  • I just added to this post.

  • Aron

    Robin, you mention in the Mencius interview that ‘if you had 1 million dollars you’d build a dump the CEO market for the fortune 500’. The technical part of this may not be that expensive. What is the bulk of that expense in your mind?