What We Do When

From this fascinating animated graph on who does what when, I’ve learned:

  • Older and better educated folks spend more time eating.
  • More educated folks eat dinner later while older folks eat earlier.
  • More educated folks and old folks sleep less.
  • Men watch more tv than women before 10pm.
  • Older folks watch more tv.
  • More educated folks watch less tv.
  • Childcare peaks at about 8:30pm.
  • Old folks exercise less, but do it earlier in the day; young folks do it later.
  • Old folks don’t shop in the evening.
  • Middle aged folks don’t sleep as much as young or old folks.
  • Most grooming is done in the morning.
  • Using computers for anything but games is still pretty rare.
  • We average much less than a minute a day of sex – way way too little!

What more can you learn from it?

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