What We Do When

From this fascinating animated graph on who does what when, I’ve learned:

  • Older and better educated folks spend more time eating.
  • More educated folks eat dinner later while older folks eat earlier.
  • More educated folks and old folks sleep less.
  • Men watch more tv than women before 10pm.
  • Older folks watch more tv.
  • More educated folks watch less tv.
  • Childcare peaks at about 8:30pm.
  • Old folks exercise less, but do it earlier in the day; young folks do it later.
  • Old folks don’t shop in the evening.
  • Middle aged folks don’t sleep as much as young or old folks.
  • Most grooming is done in the morning.
  • Using computers for anything but games is still pretty rare.
  • We average much less than a minute a day of sex – way way too little!

What more can you learn from it?

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  • Johnicholas

    You sound far more trusting of this data than you normally are – why are you not pointing out that people’s recollections are likely to be influenced by what they would like to signal that they were doing?

    Also, 7 minutes average surfing the internet?!

  • White people have much more pronounced meal times than Black or Hispanic people.

    2% of unemployed are talking on the phone at 3am.

    Nobody masturbates significantly.

    People who could get paid more give up more time for free.

    Employed people’s travel and work are complementarily bumpy, travel peaking at 10 and 40 past the hour and work at 20 and 50.

  • Americans do almost nothing but work, watch TV and movies, sleep, and eat.

  • q

    at 10:10 am, 2% of hispanics couldn’t remember or did not say what they were doing.

    very suspicious.

  • Matt

    During a horrible recession, the unemployed seem to be do the bulk of their job searching between 9 and 11am. It also seems the unemployed spend more time traveling than they do trying to get a new job.

    Apparently only two percent of this society think or relax.

    From this graph, I can deduce that people do not know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

    People with Bachelor’s degrees work more than those without.

  • rvman

    At 3:20 PM, 1% of people not in the labor force are working.

  • John Maxwell IV

    @Phil Goetz:

    The data is for weekdays only.