Brothel Bundles

A new trend in Germany [where brothels are legal] — flat-rate brothels that offer unlimited sex and food for a fixed sum — has provoked mounting criticism from politicians, local residents and women’s rights groups in recent months and led to police raids on such establishments in four cities on Sunday. …  The brothels … advertise with the slogan: “Sex with every woman, as long as you want, as often as you want and how you want.”

The Justice Minister …: “If one takes their advert seriously, it indicates a breach of the right to human dignity of the prostitutes who work there.” He said the woman’s right to self-determination had been hurt, which gave authorities the right to take action.

Hat tip to Tyler.  More:

Other imaginative offers include rebates for pensioners and people on benefits, 10 per cent discounts for men who arrive by bicycle or public transport, and free shoe-polishing for customers who stay overnight.  But it is the flat-rate deals – which are priced as low as £60 (€70) – that have attracted particular controversy.

I’ll admit to being a bit tone deaf on what offends most people.  But these seem fascinating clues about the urge to ban sex sales.  So help me out – assuming prostitution were legal, which of these possible prostitution promotions seem more or less offensive or ban-worthy?  And why?

  1. Gift certificates.
  2. Buy nine, get one free.
  3. Coupons in the newspaper.
  4. Discounts for attractive customers.
  5. Brothel vouchers as prizes in contests or charity events.
  6. Workers who play act as if kids, or elderly, or rape victims.
  7. Sell certifications that clients have specific sex skills.
  8. Including free condoms, lotions, porn.
  9. Including free alibi saying where else you were.
  10. Requirement for job interview, e.g., casting couch.
  11. Requirement for receiving charity medical care.
  12. Bundled with cleaning, e.g., your maids are available.
  13. Bundled with psychotherapy, e.g., sex therapist.
  14. Bundled with education, e.g., full service teacher.
  15. Bundled with religious service, e.g., sex priestess.
  16. Sex job offer counts regarding unemployment benefits.

Other suggestions?

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