US TV Censorship

David Henderson:

[Most believe] the Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour was yanked by CBS because of CBS’s objection to the Smothers Brothers’ edgy commentary about social issues. Various "public" television stations, in their December fund-raising, are showing a documentary special that pushes that view. … But that’s only part of what got the show yanked. The other part was … guest Dan Rowan … gave the "fickle-finger-of-fate" award (i.e., the finger) to John O. Pastore, a U.S. Senator … [with] a great deal of power over … the federal agency that censors radio and television.  That man was not even mentioned in the documentary. Why not? Here’s my "public choice" speculation. Pastore is also known for pushing hard for subsidies to public broadcasting. Indeed he did so only about a month after CBS yanked the Smothers Brothers show. He became a hero to those who believe in tax-financed subsidies to public television.

Or you could just read this as saying US TV was and is censored by powerful politicians.  If you believe that sort of thing happens all the time in other nations, why not here too?

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