Bias against some types of foreign wives

Consider a typical 35-year-old unattached heterosexual U.S. male who hopes to eventually get married.  One day he goes to a club in his city and finds that thousands of extremely beautiful 20 to 25-year-old Russian women in the club want to marry him.  Many of these women speak English and have a college degree.  True, they want to marry him in large part because of his income, but they still want to marry him.  Although I have no evidence, I strongly suspect that many 35-year-old men would agree to marry one of these Russian women.

Dating websites such as this do allow an American male to pick a beautiful 20-25 year old Russian woman to marry.  Yet few take advantage of this.  Why not?

Maybe it’s because men fear that they will be cheated by international matchmaking organizations.  But if this is true there should be a profitable market opening for a firm with a trusted brand name to start such a matchmaking operation.  Google, perhaps, could extend its search services to help men find international marriage mates.

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