Meetup in NYC Wed?

I’m speaking (privately) in NYC Thursday, and arrive Wednesday evening (staying on 54th St.).  If NYC folks are interested in meeting up at say 8pm, can anyone suggest a good location, perhaps flexible re the number who show?

Added 10June:  OK, the plan is to meet at Connolly’s (43 W. 54th St. 212-489-0271) from 8pm on.  I presume we’ll hang out at the bar at first.

Added 12June:  The meetup last night was lots of fun -thanks to all (~15) who came.

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  • M. Dunham

    I would be interested in meeting up, but I’m drawing a blank for locations. Starbucks seemed to work last time but I think we got lucky. Are you looking for something in Mid-town?

  • Starbucks works well if you know exactly which one. Otherwise, I’d suggest a pub. (I’m vaguely remembering one on 7th Avenue–Connolly’s?–that I’ve used before when people were going to be arriving over a period of time.)

    If you’re staying at the Hilton on 6th–my general assumption when someone says “54th Street”–either Connolly’s or Heartland Brewery would be a place to meet. (the latter is probably not a place to stay, though.)

  • Ken, are you talking about Connolly’s at 44 W 54th St, 212-489-0271, and not the Connolly’s at 121 W 45th St, 212-597-5126, at 14 E. 47th St, 212-867-3767, or at 150 E. 47th St., 212-692-9342? Unless there is another suggestion, I’m happy to follow your suggestion.

  • How about we just choose a place – Connolly’s at 43 West 54th Street (between 5th and 6th avenues) (212)489-0271. Their website is as follows:

  • Connolly’s on 54th sounds like an acceptable location and the company should be excellent. I look forward to meeting up on Wednesday night.

  • Hoping to make it, but dealing with insurance after last night’s storm. (I now know what “uprooted” really means.)