We Are Not Unbaised

Comments about Overcoming Bias can be found at these posts by Bryan Caplan, Arnold Kling, and Tyler Cowen.  Several complaints go like this:

Those people claim to be against bias, but someone there supported position P on topic T; wow is that ever biased! 

Just to be completely clear: we do not claim to be unbiased.  People who attend church do not claim to be without sin, and we do not claim to be without bias.  People at church do claim to be trying to overcome sin, and we claim to be trying to overcome bias.  You would be right to think us hypocrites if it seemed we weren’t even trying to overcome bias, but instead just wanted to feel superior by pretending to try. 

Some complain we talk too abstractly, without enough concrete examples.  Others complain we too often take positions on concrete issues, arbitrarily painting those who disagree as "biased."  We will hopefully continue to try to find the right middle ground between these extremes. 

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