Academics Against Evangelicals

Yesterday’s Washington Post reported on a new survey on attitudes of professors toward religion:

The other survey … found … an "explosive" statistic:  53 percent of its sample of 1,200 college and university faculty members said they have "unfavorable" feelings toward evangelical Christians.

This compares to 22% unfavorable for Muslims, 9% for non-evangelical Christians, and 3% for Jews.   Evangelical Christians make up 11% of faculty but 33% of the public. From the survey:   

Only 16% of faculty said they are Republicans, … In the public, 28% identified as Republican.  … Seventy-four percent of Republicans answered that they have a personal relationship with God … Only 36% of Democratic faculty said they have a personal relationship with God. … Faculty who identify as atheist/no religion were the most likely to agree that international trade agreements have favored large corporations. … A large majority [74%] of faculty believes that this country would be better off if Christian fundamentalists kept their religious beliefs out of politics.

This seems to confirm my post of last November where I mentioned:

This 2005 BE Press Forum paper suggests that [professor} discrimination against conservatives, women, and religious folks  is at least part of the explanation [of the high academic Democrat/Republican ratio]. 

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