Me in Budapest

Next Friday January 29 (8pm), I’ll speak on When Robots Rule the Earth in Budapest, at Palack Borbár at the “8th Thalesians Séance.” Following my talk a panel discussion will “discuss and challenge his ideas.”

Added 2Feb: A video of the talk is now up here.

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  • dat_bro06

    Scare quotes indicate your readiness for the challengers! Please share the video as always.

    • They’re real quotes, not scare quotes.

      • Well, the first set is quite unnecessary, and their usage would often be as scare quotes to mock or otherwise indicate an attitude toward the quoted text. In this case, though, I think it’s just a reflection of Robin’s “language faculty”.

  • Disappointed in you

    I fully expect that sort of thing from Caplan, but seeing your head on Russia Today channel was really disappointing. I know you will take any publicity you can get. I know you will accuse me of bias. But there are really evil things in this world and Putin’s propaganda network is one of them. Shame on you. Will buy your book anyway.

    • Nothing I said in any way supported or praised Putin or Russia.