“I Robot, You Unemployed”

Tomorrow (Wednesday) at 7pm EST I’ll do a¬†Learn Liberty Live! web presentation on “I, Robot. You, Unemployed” here. After a short ten minute presentation, I’ll lead ninety¬†minutes of discussion. I expect to focus on em econ.

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  • Thomas_L_Holaday

    For those in an environment which blocks video streaming, the url for the program page is http://www.learnliberty.org/course_details/surviving-the-future-job-market.

  • Thomas_L_Holaday

    My recollection of previous em econ discussions is that there is a tendency to focus on what life will be like for the em. What will life be like for the corporeal few?

    The individual bacteria in the human gut outnumber the individual cells in the human body 9 to 1 by population count. The cells of the human body outweigh the bacteria 50 to 1 by weight. I wonder whether ems are the bacteria or the body.

    • Scientist has recently discovered a bacteria that engulfs “electrons”. (hope this helps)