Bay Area Events

April 4,5, I’ll be at three public events in the Bay Area, CA:

  • Noon April 4, free food, talk on Em Econ at Quixey, 278 Castro St. (enter via Bryant St) Mountain View, CA. Please RSVP. Added: video.
  • 5pm April 4, free pizza, talk on Effective Altruism with GiveWell’s Elie Hassenfeld, at UCB Faculty Club, Howard Room. Added: audio.
  • Noon, April 5, OB picnic at UCB entrance grass, 2099 Oxford St, Berkeley, CA. 37.871565, -122.265751.

Btw, I was quoted in a 11Mar NPR show on Intrade closing.

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  • Jess Riedel

    Do you discuss the inTrade shutdown anywhere in depth, or recommend someone else who does? Is there any info right now?

    • Wow! I would have thought that on this site readers would have been informed. (Or did it just happen?)

      From Intrade’s website: “At this time and until further notice, it is not possible to make any payments to members in accordance with their settled account balance until the investigations have concluded.”

      • Jess Riedel

        Yes, I’m well aware. I was looking for more info than the mysterious statement on the website.

      • Your reply perplexed me until I realized that you must have thought the “readers” in “readers would have been informed” included you. Sorry for the confusion. I meant ‘I would have thought readers like me would have known.’

        I copied the quote from the web site because I was struck at how extreme the sanction was and wondered whether investors had known that their funds could be frozen in an investigation.

      • VV

        A bit of googling turns up some speculations that they might have stolen money form their custormers’ accounts.

    • No one seems to know, and I’ve been following the news as avidly as anyone. The best anyone has done so far is point to how the language sounds like theft or misuse of deposited funds and that in 2011 or so, Intrade’s auditors criticized it for loose financial controls and opaque transactions involving its CEO (who was unable to answer questions, having recklessly died on Mt Everest). So… it’s probably not going to end well.

      • Jess Riedel

        Thanks much.

  • I just added a link to a video of the Quixey talk.