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Robin and I have a new podcast on the subject of play (mp3wav, m4a). Older ones are here.

Don’t be thrown by a bit of silence at the start of the m4a one. We also don’t have the time right now to figure out how to put it in better formats. Sorry about that. If anyone else does, and posts such files, I’ll link to them.

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  • Robin, you said that the lives of people in North Korean labor camps seem worth living. That reminded me that I had read an account (possibly from the same book you referenced) of a North Korean who hated his parents for bringing him into such an existence, and his father doesn’t seem to actually dispute that such a life is not worth living.

  • Nicholas Gruen

    Thanks – great to get these – but what’s the big problem with using the ubiquitous standard that everyone can play mp3?

    • Katja Grace

      None of our recording devices/programs seem to record things in it. Presumably easy to solve with further programs, but don’t have time to solve today.

  • Ari Timonen

    I converted and hosted the file here:

    • Katja Grace

      Thanks! Added.

    • Roberto Livo

      Thanks for sharing

  • Confucious Clay

    why is this podcast not on itunes

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