N. Calif. Talk, Meetup

Next weekend I’ll have two events in northern California:

  1. I’ll give the Future Friday talk at Halcyon, 6:30p Friday April 6, 505 Penobscot Dr, Redwood City, CA 94063. (Enter on north side of building)
  2. Meetup, 7pm+, Saturday April 7, 1195 Andre Ave., Mountain View CA 94040.

Here is more about my Friday talk:

Em Econ 101 – My best guess for the next revolution on the scale of the industrial, or farming, or human revolutions, is artificial intelligence in the form of whole brain emulations, or “ems.” Many have considered ems from technical and philosophical viewpoints, but I consider em economics. That is, I try to work out in as much social detail as possible a relatively-likely reference scenario set modestly far into a post-em world.

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  • That’s excessive abbreviation, it looks like the word “No” rather than “Northern”. Even “N” by itself would be better.

    • Changed.

      • John Maxwell IV

        Another option is to use the same abbreviation us natives use: NorCal. 😉

        Although “SF Bay Area”/”Bay Area” would work even better, because that’s a more precise description of the region you’ll be in.

  • Jahed

    Is your talk at Halcyon open to the public?

  • Anonymous

    Will the video be posted anywhere?

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