Daniel Sarewitz, Me on BHTV

Daniel Sarewitz and I have a new Blogging Heads TV episode, largely on human enhancement:

I tried a different visual setting, which didn’t work at all (sorry). We agreed with each other more than I expected. If we do this again, which I’d love, I expect we’ll find more disagreements.

Listening to it again, I notice a lot of points that slipped by me at the time. For example, I should have challenged the claim that regulation isn’t what blocks automation from displacing doctors. But that’s the nature of a fast moving wide ranging conversation.

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  • Huzzah

    Good interview. Given what you said about medicine, I wonder what you think about the science-based medicine movement? It’s a bunch of medical doctors and researchers advocating for a more Bayesian approach to medicine, because they see the current approach is unreliable and easily biased.

    That being said, they do seem to be unaware of your criticisms of medicine. Perhaps you could do a bloggingheads with Steven Novella (the founder of the science-based medicine movement and a leader of the skeptic movement), and give them your thoughts. Maybe they’ll even incorporate them into their movement (which has been gaining steam).

    • Karl

      Robin has been on the top of my favorites list for an interview guest on the Skeptics Guide podcast for a long time (which Steven Novella hosts)

  • You said you invented an institution for purchasing medicine but people weren’t interested. What institution was that?

  • Ari T

    This was pretty nice, thanks. For status signaling I think you could have used a clever example of your shirt, his watch or his wedding ring.

    ps. Do more with Tyler Cowen or other economists. 🙂

  • Chip Morris

    I want to second the suggestion of Huzzah. The scientific skeptical movement needs a good dose of economic perspective.

  • Tom

    Face the window if you want good lighting. Never with the window at your back.