OB, Now With Votes

The main feedback I get on posts is comments. Sometimes I’m puzzled that a favorite post of mine gets very few comments, and I’m not sure if that is because others didn’t like it or just didn’t have anything to say about it.  So now, you can vote on posts, to signal your interest without needing to say something in particular about a post. Let the feedback begin.

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  • Hugh


    • Hugh

      Works for me now. Woo!

  • MattW

    I’m not sure if it’s just me, but I looked at the last few posts and on the ones with no votes I am able to click the thumb-up, but on the posts that already show a +1 I am not able to click the thumb-up.

  • James

    Yes, it looks like the vote button becomes unclickable for everyone once one person votes for a post.

  • RaxMan

    Suspect comment count driven by outside traffic; links spreading beyond regular OB readers.

    Will be interesting to see how/if vote counts correlate with comments. :]

  • Unnamed

    Could you implement voting on comments too? This problem may be even greater with comments, as excellent comments often elicit little response. Comments, more than posts, are at risk of being ignored if there isn’t some way (like a high vote count) of bringing them to people’s attention.

    • So in other words, basically turn this into LessWrong, which I believe Robin has rejected in the past…

    • This is a good suggestion, unnamed. Encourages quality commenting and lets best comments quasi-join the post.

      You’ve got to choose some post order, aware that the first posts will be read most often. Chronology doesn’t seem a useful promotion mechanism.

  • Somehow I feel that I really like your blog but I hate most of your posts. What does that signal? That I lie to myself?

    • AK

      dude! i have exactly the same problem! the guy totally gets my back up. i find him misogynistic, right-wing and occassionally flippant. But i keep coming back because it’s at least intelligent and provocative and you’ve got to avoid the filter bubble somehow.

      reading things you agree with as boring as hell.

      and i rarely comment because I’m deeply averse to getting into arguments on the internet as I don’t have the time and energy to sustain them

    • Ha ha, thirded. I disagree probably more than I agree, but Robin always has an interesting or unusual perspective put in a succinct way so I keep following the feed.

  • Max

    Could you make the vote button show up in the RSS feed, so I can vote without clicking through to the post itself?

  • Some 4 people have already liked this in Google Reader so it’s a good thing to do 🙂

  • ride your bike and be free

    All I see is a thumbs up. Where is the 1 worst, 10 best scale?

  • DW

    Pshah, upvoting is cheap.

    When do we get a prediction market on which posts will be in the top 10 for the week/month/year? Or which posts Tyler will quote from or, perhaps, which ones will generate a NYT article?

    Now THAT would be feedback!

  • say, what are your favorite ob posts robin. we can go directly vote on them, give you some quick feedback

  • granite26

    Have you checked the likes through the rss feed at google reader?

  • Luke

    Good move, Robin.

  • JS Allen

    Sorry, I won’t be using this. Instead, I’ll continue to hit “share” in Google Reader when I like one of your posts so much that I don’t see a need to comment on it. Other readers probably hit “like” in Google Reader when a post is so awesome that it needs no comment.

  • Royce

    Gladly – if you add the link to your RSS feed as well.

  • No “Dislike” button?