NYC Meetup Thursday

I’ll be speaking this Thursday night in NYC, 6-8:30p, on the general theme of “Design and Existential Risk”, at the Parsons The New School For Design, kellen auditoriam, 66 Fifth Ave. (moreposter).  At 9p, I’ll head to Stand Burger, on 12th between 5th and University Place.  Come join us for either or both.

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  • zachK

    Robin – We have a strong dedicated group of Overcoming Bias/Less Wrong readers here in NY generated from your visit to NYC sometime last year.

    Google group page is here:

    Public meetup page:

    Just in case you want to organize anything with the group beforehand.

  • katrinanine

    omg, that’s where they tape Project Runway.

  • zachK, you are all welcome to come.
    katrinanine, in that very auditorium, or just somewhere in that school?

  • katrinanine

    I don’t know, Robin, but they show a shot of the School at the beginning of the show.

  • Buck Farmer

    Robin, pity I’ll miss ya. I just left New York last week.

  • Thanks to everyone for coming; I had great fun. 🙂

  • rbmattis

    I thought the talk itself was fantastic, but the moderator should have done a better job telling the crazy people in the audience to shut up. That professorial figure was unbearable.