Me On Al Jazeera

Thursday at 12:30p EST I’ll appear live on the Riz Khan show of Al Jazeera.  I’ll discuss prediction markets, together with John Delaney of InTrade.  We are supposed to talk for over twenty minutes, though we’ll still probably just cover basics.

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  • John Maxwell IV


    I have a vague recollection of you blogging about some television appearance of yours in the past and saying the video would become available later. I think you should consider waiting until video becomes available before blogging about your TV appearances. Presumably most of the people who read this blog are rational enough to be indifferent between live TV and recorded TV, eh?

  • Kevin

    Al Jazeera streams live for free; so some people here really might be able to catch it.

  • John Maxwell IV

    It looks as though the video is now available on Al Jazeera’s website. Go to

    then choose Programmes, then Riz Khan.

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