I just saw the 2000 Movie Werckmeister Harmonies, with music by Mihaly Vig.  I found it quite moving, and am at a loss for words to say more.  So I’ll just say: it is beautiful beyond my words.  I found it via Metacritics’s All-TIme High Scores.  Here is some music, and the opening sequence.

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  • Rob

    Tarr’s next film, likely to debut at Cannes next month, is reportedly his last.

    • Rob

      Well, unless there’s a surprise screening, it appears that “Turin Horse” will not be debuting at Cannes this year.

  • Andy McKenzie

    Robin, god bless you for using a legit ranking system to determine what movies to watch. However, metacritic’s list is skewed towards recent movies and has lower sample sizes than others. Is there a reason why you don’t go with imdb’s top 250?

  • Brian

    Did you watch it via Netflix or buy it yourself. Sadly I can’t find any digital copies out there and I just cancelled Netflix. I want to buy/rent one if one were to exist!

  • Liron

    First scene on YouTube is strikingly beautiful. I usually don’t watch movies with these slow-paced scenes but the music and cinematography really create a magical experience. I couldn’t rent this on iTunes so I am downloading from

  • Andy, imdb is based on user votes, while metacritic is based on published reviews. I prefer the later.

    Brian, Netflix.

  • Anon37

    Oh yeah, this is the guy who did the eight-hour long movie about the collapse of a collective farm in rural Hungary. Tyler blogged about that a couple years back. I can’t say I made it through the whole thing though.

  • Kutta

    Theyshootpictures is widely believed among cinephiles to be the best filmic toplist.

  • Aron

    I’m not particularly impressed with the Metacritic list (according to my preferences). The best thing I ever did for movie picking was to download my Netflix ratings, and match them to critic ratings harvested from various places to find my best matched critic, and then use his reviews as a guide. (It was Ty Burr incidentally).

    I find this more useful than using NetflixPrize algorithms. Although this was many years ago, I should redo this process.

  • Thanks for the pointer! I watched it this morning and though I didn’t love it as much as you did, it’s certainly a good film and unlike most of my ordinary diet. I’d already known it was a critic’s favourite, but your pointer sorta pushed me over the edge.

    You may like Vozvrashcheniye.

    Out of interest: Are you on any mission to watch the top 100 or so of the Metacritic list?

  • Nick

    Thank you! I needed some new tunes to listen to. By any chance do you know if there is a place I could buy the soundtrack? I sleuthed around a bit and couldn’t find anything.