SF Area Meetup Friday

If you are in the mood, join other readers of this blog (and me) this Friday, from 7pm on, at 3755 Benton St., Santa Clara, CA 95051.

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  • Kevin

    count me in for any gatherings in Chicago/Evanston

    • Alex R

      Me as well. Kevin: do you go to Northwestern?

  • I missed the last two meetups, but I’ll be at this one (as will Richard Karpinski).

  • I’ll try to make it.

  • Richard S

    Would like to catch meetup on NE corridor – N.VA to Boston, NYC centric;-)

    PS, Noted previously that google maps mislocates SingInst intern house address over on Wood Duck 🙁 Bing appears correct.

  • Is this it: http://bit.ly/7OTdPf (google street view)

    Just confirming. As noted above, it puts the marker on Wood Duck.