Georgetown Talk Today

This evening I speak at Georgetown University on “The Long History of Economic Growth and its Implications for the Future.”  The talk is 6:30-8:00pm at ICC 107, sponsored by the Georgetown Economics Honors Society, and open to the public.

Added:  See slides, audio (sorry about poor quality).

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  • Can you stick an MP3 up online?


  • Harry Warren

    I second Robert’s request. In the future it would be good to post notices of public lectures with a longer lead time. This is my favorite question . . . . To me, the history of economic growth doesn’t seem that long relative to all of human history!

  • I just added to this post, with links to slides n audio.

  • Someone buy Robin a video camera for Christmas, please.

    I hate it that the agricultural revolution and industrial revolution are still being referred to as “singularities” – apparently on the grounds that they represent really big changes.

    That terminology appears to be without support from other historians. It seems like meaningless and pointless mumbo-jumbo to me. I propose dropping it. Surely it is best to call these things “revolutions” instead. That is the conventional term.