Moving Hiatus

This evening at midnight Eastern Daylight Time, this blog will begin to move to a new hosting site.  For a smooth transition, please don’t comment from then until 2am EST.

Added 26May: So do you think of the new format?

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  • Are you trying to confuse us Robin? You do mean EDT, right?

  • C.B., yes, sorry, post is corrected.

  • Douglas Knight

    I like comment feeds and that you don’t have to click “next” to get past comment #50, but it looks to me like the comments past 50 were lost in the transition (eg, on Missing Liberaltarians).

  • Jacem Yorob

    I like the new site look overall, though I’m not sure what I think about having two columns of links on the right site, with the main body content pushed to the left. Perhaps this is just a bias which I’ll learn to overcome :p

  • Jess Riedel

    The look-and-feel is fine, but I think too much room is taken up by the dual side bars on the right. The text is squished.

  • Adam M

    Ditto to the previous poster. Maybe move the bar on the far right to the bottom of the page.

    Unless you’re trying to go for a shorter post format, which would be fine. But maybe when you hit the jump the post text could take up more of the screen.

  • Jacem Yorob

    oh, and on firefox the blog description is being cut off. All it shows, for me, is “Overcoming Bias is economist Robin Hanson’s blog, on honesty, signaling, disagreement, forecasting, and the far”

    i.e. ‘future’ is missing.

    I looked into the CSS and this can be fixed by changing the following entry in style.css

    #blog-description {
    font-size: 15px;
    font-style: italic;
    /*font-weight: bold;*/
    margin: 0 0 20px;
    overflow: hidden;
    height: 55px;

    In here, change ‘overflow: hidden’ to ‘overflow: visible’. That fixes it for me. I’m not sure what other problems it might cause, but I doubt it would, It just seems to push the two side bar columns down a bit so that their is enough room for the full description.

  • Zac Gochenour

    I like the new color scheme and fonts, but I do not like the three columns the way they are. If you keep them, I suggest either making the text smaller in the other columns (a la Econlog), not using a fixed-width for the page (a la MarginalRevolution), or at least making the main text column the center column.

  • Jess Riedel

    Even with the same text body width, I think the page would be more aesthetically pleasing if the link columns were on either side (rather than both on the right).

  • I’m not sure about the sidebar layout yet, but in general, I prefer the new look. The old site was kind of…colored salmon, the color of choice in the 70’s.

  • Eric

    I’ll echo the sidebar comments – If they were possibly moved or shrunk, it would improve the site.

  • Constant

    Sometimes I hate link columns on the left side, because sometimes I use tiny browsers which concatenate the columns of a webpage, so if there is a link column on the left side I have to scroll through it. This can be particularly annoying if the page has been broken up to fit on the small device, meaning that I have to wait for a new section to download multiple times before I get to the content.

  • Eric

    Also… One of my preferred methods of navigating the site was the previous and next post buttons, which seem to have disappeared.

  • komponisto

    Robin, I would suggest you wait until all of Eliezer’s past posts have been tranferred to Less Wrong before prominently labeling this site as your personal blog. Otherwise folks viewing them will have the impression that he was all along a mere guest of yours, rather than a co-editor of equal status. (Signaling matters!)

    The new format undoubtedly has its advantages, but one thing I’ll miss is the punctuating rhetorical force of the author signature at the end of posts:

    “-Posted by Robin Hanson at 6:00 am in _Signaling_, _Hypocrisy_”

    “-Posted by Eliezer Yudkowsky at 3:57 pm in _Bayesian_, _Philosophy_”

    These lines had a beautiful function, like “And Thus Spake the Great So-and-So”.

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  • AndrewKemendo

    Ditto to the other posters, the comments section is getting too squished to the left side.

  • Kat

    I like this a lot. I especially like the text excerpts of recent comments along the sidebar. And really I think this works better as your personal blog — I tend not to like group blogs very much unless I like all the authors equally well and their styles are similar; I don’t think you and Eliezer are very similar and I’d much rather read you separately. Narrower text area not great, but eh, worth the trade-off. New logo looks a little bit too much like for me to like it.

  • Is there a full site feed available? (The sidebar link currently looks to only provide excerpts, which isn’t much use for people using feed readers…)

  • John Maxwell IV

    >Added 26May: So do you think of the new format?

    Not on a regular basis. But I thought of it for a minute when I first saw it.

  • Z. M. Davis

    “it looks to me like the comments past 50 were lost in the transition”

    Yes. I ever so dearly hope that this only is temporary situation, and that the comments are not lost forever, for I remember some really valuable conversations that happened on later pages, that one would hope would remain in the public archives. is blocked. I have at least managed to retrieve a particularly valuable old comment of mine via skillful application of google-fu.

  • Richard,

    I am getting the full feed in Google Reader, don’t you?

    PS: I like the change, and another person I discussed with likes it too.

  • Douglas Knight

    Change that crazy robots.txt, if you want anyone visiting this page from google!
    or a good searches.

    Z. M. Davis,
    I think that when the robots.txt is revised, the pages will reappear on, but I don’t expect it to have done a good job capturing extra comment pages.

  • Z.M.Davis: Comments past 50 are back (they were always there, we’d just unhelpfully left the pagination links off), and all of the old content is still available at

  • Stan

    I hope I can post to this one, unlike the typepad. I’ll see in a second.

    I would like the posts better if they took 2/3rds, rather than 1/2, of the page width. Also, looks like there’s no preview button. Does anyone else miss that?

  • Chris – yup, my mistake, the feed seems to be working fine again.

  • Karl Hasselström

    I’m slowly working my way through the OB archives, all the way from the beginning, by starting at the first post and following the “next” links. This stopped working today, since Eliezer’s posts are now automatically redirecting to I can read the post in question there, but there is no “next” link to follow to get to the next OB post.

    I understand the motivation for the redirect, but I thought I should mention it, since it makes it harder to read the archive.

  • I have to say that the sidebars to the right are outright horrible, consuming half of the available screenspace and making for a rather claustrophobic feel. (Which isn’t helped by the fact that maybe a quarter of the screen already goes entirely unused.)

    The top of the screen looks better, though.

  • Douglas Knight

    Karl Hasselström,

    try the old site or the
    monthly archives.

  • Oliver

    Wow. Missed the changes. I’ll throw in my opinion about the layout.

    I agree with the others that the sidebar layout isn’t visually great. I’m noticing, though, that I’m experiencing a lot less reading fatigue due to the increased type size (and thus words per line.) I disagree with the people who want more of the screen “used” if they want to use it for words. (Solution, people, is shrink your window. Less empty space. There.)

    Also, there are some people like me who read this site primarily on a mobile phone web browser (on the train, etc.), so if you end up changing the columns, I’d really appreciate it if you’re aware about the order in which they’ll appear when linearized. It sucks having to scroll past blogroll/menu to get to the content.

    I’m mostly concerned about ruthlessly getting information from this site, so perhaps you’re best off not having me as your web designer if your concern is making it friendly to newcomers. 🙂