Data Management

In January I said:

Decision makers talk and act like they want more info, and prediction markets would provide such info.  But deep down I think decision makers know they really don’t need most of the info they collect; they collect it to show they are sharp and up on the latest.   

In today’s Dilbert, Dogbert advises the pointy-haired boss:

You need a dash-board application to track your key metrics.   That way you’ll have more data to ignore when you make your decisions based on company politics.

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  • rcriii

    Maybe they don’t need all the info at any one time, but need differing subsets at different times, so need to collect all the data to ensure that they have it when they need it.

  • Data’s are playing considerable roll in decision making process..Like you said, it used for show to others that we are right and updated,but sometimes data’s are really helped us to provide enough support to our decisions by the way it’ll give lots of confident to us…
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  • Variant: information is often gathered after decisions are made to justify why a non-data-based decision was made. “I have a general sense that x: get the numbers and write me a report showing that. Make sure you are supportive, since I already sold the project to a senior VP.” At other points, the information is defensive, gathered just in case anyone ever asks for justification.

    Hmm, which looks worse in case of catastrophe: “I made the decision with no/inadequate information” or “I was fully informed but thought that was a good decision”?